Cyanergy are experienced providers of energy efficient commercial lighting. We will work with your business to help you reduce the cost of your lighting. We will provide a cost benefit analysis for replacing inefficient lighting. We will provide & install the new lights for your business.


Cyanergy can provide quality LED lighting solution for your home, replacing inefficient lamps and saving you energy consumption.


Our solution

Ambassador Industrial was established in the early 1980s and since then has built a reputation for highest quality rubber extrusions, rubber mouldings, door seals and plastic extruded products for a wide range of uses.

Ambassador installed 48 100W High Bays replacing 400W lights saving about 76.5% of their lighting bills and saving around $9,925 per annum with the cost fully subsidised by government rebate.

Job summary

Estimated Lighting Energy Savings 76.5% reduction
Estimated Annual Lighting Cost Savings $9,925
Estimated Payback Period Instant
Estimated Annual Lighting Energy Saving 39,700 kWh
Estimated First Year Return on Investment Infinity
Estimated Greenhouse Gas Reduction 836 tonnes per annum
Estimated Total 10 Year Saving $99,250
Product Installed 48 Excellent Lights UL-H100W