Cyanergy are experienced providers of energy efficient commercial lighting. We will work with your business to help you reduce the cost of your lighting. We will provide a cost benefit analysis for replacing inefficient lighting. We will provide & install the new lights for your business.


Cyanergy can provide quality LED lighting solution for your home, replacing inefficient lamps and saving you energy consumption.


How does it work?

The Energy Savings Scheme (NSW ESS) reduces electricity consumption in NSW by creating financial incentives for organisations to invest in energy savings projects. Energy savings are achieved by installing, improving or replacing energy savings equipment.

The certificate created under VEET scheme is called VEEC. Each VEEC represents one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e) abated by specified energy saving activities known as Prescribed Activities. For NSW ESS, an energy savings certificate, or ESC (pronounced “esky”), represents one notional Megawatt hour (MWh) of energy.

The VEET scheme requires large energy retailers in Victoria to surrender a specified number of energy efficiency certificates every year; while NSW ESS places a mandatory obligation on Scheme Participants to obtain and surrender energy savings certificates, which represent energy savings.

Accredited Persons (APs), such as Cyanergy, are entities to create energy efficiency certificate on behalf of energy consumers (both residential or commercial) by demonstrating achievement of substantial savings on energy undergoing selected set of activities (Prescribed Activities).

By helping you to reduce your energy use we can create energy efficiency certificates. We can trade these certificates on the market. That is how we can provide these products for such great value!

We can help you save money on your electricity bill and create positive environmental outcomes all at the same time!


Why Cyanergy?

Qualified Installers
Government Rebates
Helping the Environment
Saving Your Money
Wide Range of Products and Solutions
Comprehensive Warranty
Finance Options

We make it easy

All paperwork and certificate creation is done by Cyanergy.

Certificate Price

The price of a certificate varies depending on supply and demand.


With the schemes, the customer is benefitted with economic and efficient lighting solutions; while, the environment is benefitted through less carbon emission.

Certificate Trade

The process by which VEECs are bought and sold is known as a transfer. When an Accredited Person wants to transfer its VEECs, it must find a buyer in the VEEC market. The buyer may be a Relevant Entity (large energy retailers with a liability under the scheme), or another Accredited Person, or any other individual or organisation that holds a VEET account (only VEET account holders can buy, sell or hold VEECs).

Regarding NSW ESS, energy savings certificate are traded by direct contract between an Accredited Certificate Provider and a buyer. Contracts and prices vary and there are currently no standard contracts or a recognised exchange for trading energy savings certificates.

Environmental Impact

Both VEET and ESS schemes help avoid millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year, that has invaluable contribution to our environment.