Cyanergy are experienced providers of energy efficient commercial lighting. We will work with your business to help you reduce the cost of your lighting. We will provide a cost benefit analysis for replacing inefficient lighting. We will provide & install the new lights for your business.


Cyanergy can provide quality LED lighting solution for your home, replacing inefficient lamps and saving you energy consumption.


cyanergy is here to help you upgrade

Before we can assist you with your lighting needs, you might have some questions. They include:

How much can I save?

On average Cyanergy has saved 75% off our customers Lighting bills in the first 12 months.

What difference will changing my lights to LED bring to my business?

Compared to traditional commercial lighting, a 100 Watt high bay light will provide an extra 20% luminescence level at a lower cost to your business.

So, I get brighter lights?

Yes. LED lights provide a brighter light which is crucial for the health and safety of your workers.

No dark spots in your factory / office which could cause a potential injury. Also, our Excellent Lights high bay series are rated IP65 which means they are dust and water resistant.

What about your warranty?

Our Excellent Lights high bay series are covered by an industry leading 6 year warranty. So, for you that means:

0 – 12 months Replacement and installation at no cost to you.

After 12 months to 6 years If the product is deemed faulty by our staff, a free replacement globe will be sent out to you at no cost. If you require us to install there will be a replacement fee.

All other products come with the best possible warranty from the manufacturer.

What’s the catch?

None. The State and Central Government’s Energy Efficiency Schemes are designed to assist residents and businesses update their lighting to a more environmentally sustainable product in an affordable manner. By updating to LED through Cyanergy your lighting bills decrease; and the government, in return, issues energy efficiency certificates for the installation of your new lights. Cyanergy completes all the necessary paper work and evidence collection on behalf of you to allow your installations to generate energy efficiency certificate.

So what is the rebate?

There is no direct rebate. The energy efficiency certificates issued by the regulatory body can be traded in the market and we provide a discount over the certificate price during installation. The certificate price is based on various factors but mainly over supply and demand. There is no fixed price but all you need to worry about is what you are going to do with the savings and discount available during installation.

I would like to find out more. What do I do now?

Our upgrade process below explains how we can help you but the first thing to do is call Cyanergy on 1300 198 955 or send through your contact details via our online form.

One of our lighting specialists will contact you to discuss your exact requirements and also answer any further questions you may have.



Speak to us about your situation
We recommend the most cost effective solution to you
We source the highest quality LED products
We take care of the installation, using only qualified electricians / installers
You get to sit back and enjoy the savings

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