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The Sustainable Australia Fund (SAF) works with Local Council Programs (LCP) to help Australian businesses unlock savings and sustainability. By provide funding to businesses and organisations who want to improve building or site energy efficiency and install renewable energy. 

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As a prefered supplier, Cyanergy is happy to work with councils across Australia to offer educational initiatives that educate businesses in areas of sustainability such as energy efficiency and renewable energy. We offer innovative, reasonable, and predictable commercial energy solutions that maximise savings while avoiding carbon emissions in partnership with council departments of environment, sustainability, and economic development.

Cyanergy is a trusted partner of the finance provider SAF if your municipality offers Environmental Upgrade Agreements or Building Upgrade Finance.

A bit about Sustainable Australia Fund - (SAF)

The Sustainable Australia Fund (SAF) is Australia’s largest provider of financing for businesses that want to upgrade their buildings in order to save money on energy while also tackling climate change.

Environmental Upgrade Finance’s unique terms were specifically developed to overcome many of the challenges to environmental upgrades, such as corporate cashflow and the split incentive between landlords and tenants.

The Sustainable Australia Fund (SAF), which sprang from local government, currently collaborates with more than 40 local governments around the country to provide savings and sustainability to our clients.

On the ground, SAF collaborates with a network of local installation partners to assist Australian businesses in realising their dream of producing their own energy.

Access up to $50,000.00 in business solar rebates.

Program Benefits

Minimise Carbon Emissions

Shorter Payback Period

Rapid Return on Investment

More Savings

What are the programs offered by the Local Council?

  • Energy Upgrade Finance (EUF) or Building Upgrade Finance (BUF), council-based financing mechanisms in Victoria and New South Wales, respectively, enable building owners, tenants, and investors to better access long-term finance for environmental upgrades, such as LED lighting and solar energy, to existing commercial and non-residential buildings on attractive terms.
  • Light$mart or Energy$mart programs provide incentives for LED upgrading and solar PV system installation. When combined with state government incentives such as VEECs or ESCs, federal government rebates for solar, and electricity distributor subsidies (where available), the upfront cost for energy efficiency and renewable energy is greatly reduced.

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