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As concerns about climate change continue to grow, individuals and governments worldwide are actively seeking ways to reduce carbon emissions and combat global warming. In this pursuit, the state of Victoria in Australia has introduced several initiatives to encourage energy-efficient practices. One such program is the Government Air Conditioning Rebate Victoria, commonly known as Aircon Rebate VIC.  

In this blog, we will delve into the details of this rebate scheme, its benefits, and how you can take advantage of it. 

Understanding Aircon Rebate VIC

The Aircon Rebate VIC is a government initiative aimed at incentivizing the installation of energy-efficient air conditioning systems in homes and businesses across Victoria. It provides financial assistance to eligible participants who upgrade their existing air conditioning units to more energy-efficient models or install new energy-efficient air conditioning systems.  
heating and cooling upgrade

On average, Victorian households can spend up to $800 a year, or a third of their energy bill, on heating. This can be significantly more for businesses. (Source) 

By facilitating installation of energy efficient aircons for Victorian households, the government aims to lower down energy bill for the families in order to protect them from the rising cost of power.  

This winter, you have the opportunity to save significantly on your gas bill by taking advantage of the Victorian Government Energy Upgrade incentives. By disconnecting your ducted gas system and opting for multiple energy-efficient electric split systems, including installation, you can access incentives of up to $8,800. Don’t miss out on this chance to make substantial savings while improving your energy efficiency. Know more here  

The Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU) Program 

The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program in Victoria, Australia, aims to help households and businesses reduce power bills and lower greenhouse gas emissions. It provides access to discounted or free energy-efficient products and services. Accredited providers generate Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) based on the associated greenhouse gas savings.  

The level of incentive or discount varies depending on market activity and certificate prices. Professional installation is required, and some appliances may offer incentives at the point of sale. The program operates within a market-based framework, with fluctuating certificate values and varying product availability. It is regulated by the Essential Services Commission (ESC) in Victoria. For more information, visit the ESC website.

Benefits of Aircon Rebate VIC

Financial Savings

By participating in the Aircon Rebate VIC program, you can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing and installing energy-efficient air conditioning systems. The rebate acts as a financial incentive to encourage homeowners and businesses to invest in more sustainable cooling solutions. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient air conditioning systems consume less electricity, resulting in reduced energy bills. These systems are designed to optimize performance while minimizing energy wastage, which benefits both the environment and your wallet. 

Environmental Impact

By upgrading to energy-efficient air conditioning units, you actively contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As traditional air conditioning systems can be energy-intensive, switching to energy-efficient models helps to mitigate climate change and promote a cleaner and greener future. 
victorian government heating rebate

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Aircon Rebate VIC program, you need to meet certain criteria, which may include: 

Residency: You must be a resident of Victoria, Australia, to qualify for the rebate. 

Property Ownership or renting: The rebate is available for both homeowners and tenants, depending on the specific terms and conditions of the program. 

Energy Efficiency Requirements: The air conditioning system you plan to install or upgrade must meet the energy efficiency standards specified by the program. 

Application Process

To apply for the Aircon Rebate VIC program, follow these general steps:  

Research: Familiarize yourself with the specific requirements and guidelines of the program, including eligible air conditioning units and energy efficiency standards. 

Purchase and Install: Choose an eligible energy-efficient air conditioning system and have it installed by a qualified professional according to the program’s guidelines. The more energy efficient the unit is the more it saves you.

While in the topic here is a Cyanergy recommendation for you-  

Smart Lifestyle Australia (SLA) offers energy-efficient and high-performing air conditioning systems. Their intelligent split system unit saves up to $2000 annually on energy bills while enhancing home aesthetics. Designed for spacious living areas, this state-of-the-art air conditioner ensures year-round comfort with intelligent airflow, efficient heating and cooling, and customizable fan modes, allowing users to establish their ideal comfort zone regardless of weather conditions. 

SLA Aircon: 

  • Rapid Action Temperature Control: SLA aircon features Turbo Start mode for quick heating or cooling, eliminating waiting time and providing instant comfort. 
  • Cost Savings: SLA aircons are energy-efficient, resulting in lower electricity consumption and significant savings on energy bills. 
  • Easy-Clean Design: The aircon’s design prioritizes effortless manual cleaning, allowing for easy disassembly, washing, and reassembly. 
  • Smart Airflow: SLA aircons adapt to natural prompts of heating and cooling, utilizing rising style heating and shower style cooling for speedy action. 
  • Clever Inverter: The meticulously designed split system operates at a faster pace and proactively helps users achieve their desired comfort zone. 
  • High Temperature Performance: SLA aircons provide uninterrupted cooling even in scorching temperatures of up to 60°C, maintaining 100% cooling capacity up to 50°C. 
  • Filter Cleaning Reminder: SLA aircons send handy reminders to clean the filters, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. 
  • 30-Second Fast Cooling: SLA aircons can rapidly reduce the temperature from 27 degrees to 18 degrees in just 30 seconds. 
  • Quiet Operation: The super quiet mode of SLA aircons allows them to operate smoothly without generating excessive noise. 

In summary, SLA aircons offer rapid temperature control, cost savings, easy cleaning, smart airflow, clever inverter technology, high temperature performance, filter cleaning reminders, fast cooling, and quiet operation for enhanced comfort and convenience. To claim the Vic aircon rebates these features are a must have.  

SLA Aircon

Gather Documentation: Collect all the necessary documentation, such as invoices, receipts, and certificates, to validate your purchase and installation. 

Apply for the Rebate: Complete the application form provided by the government authority responsible for administering the program. Submit all required documentation along with the application.  

Review and Approval: The application will be reviewed by the relevant authority, and if approved, you will receive the rebate amount as specified by the program. 

We can help you figure out the entire process without a worry in the world. With a decade of experience in the renewable and energy efficiency sector, we are proudly an Australian owned and operated business. We see these challenges as opportunities to make a meaningful difference. Cyanergy’s talented engineers and installers can help you figure out your energy needs.  

Get in touch with us to know more and claim the government air conditioning rebate Victoria.  


The Aircon Rebate VIC program in Victoria, Australia, offers a fantastic opportunity to upgrade to energy-efficient air conditioning systems while benefiting from financial incentives. By participating in this initiative, you not only save money on your energy bills but also contribute to a more sustainable future by reducing carbon emissions. 

Remember to stay updated with the latest guidelines and requirements of the program to ensure eligibility and maximize your chances of receiving the rebate. Take advantage of the Aircon Rebate VIC program and make a positive impact on both your comfort and the environment.

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