Off Grid Solar

Do you want to lower your power bills, increase your monthly savings and protect the planet from global warming?

Commercial Off Grid Solar

Our off-grid solar projects range in size from small to medium setups, regional properties, remote and automated systems to large-scale solar power setups.

Designing off-grid solar systems requires a high level of skill and knowledge as well as a good understanding of the client’s requirements. Every project is unique, so our systems are custom-designed to suit each customer’s needs.


Avoid Power Outages

Going off the grid means that you won’t experience any unpredictable power outages at home.

Reduce Your Energy Cost

Off-grid solar systems rely only on the sun to produce energy for a household, which means that there are no monthly electric bills to pay

Easy Installation

Since the equipment associated with off-grid solar systems are not dependent on the grid.

Clean And Green

Going off the grid is beneficial to nature as it minimizes the harmful effects of electricity on the environment

Our Approach

Step 1: Understanding Your Requirements

First and foremost, we calculate the possible load amount of your entire facility down to the smallest detail. We keep your current situation and future plans in mind at all times. Remember that, communication is the key, that’s why we make sure to fully understand your needs and expectations from your very own off-grid system so that we turn that into reality.

Step 2: Our Engineering Team Figures Out a Customised Solution for You

We have experienced in-house engineering team who will assess your property and needs to design a completely self-sustained off grid solar system.

Step 3: We Present You a Solar Design & Offer a Quote

After setting up a blueprint of the plan we will present the whole idea in its entirety and offer you a market competitive quote.

Step 4: Upon Agreement, We Proceed to Installation

If you like the presented plan, which we are sure you will, we will seal the deal and start the installation process.

Step 5: Post Installation Check-Ups

Unlike a lot of other installers, we don’t flee from our responsibilities. We will make sure you are comfortable all the way, and getting 100% out of your off-grid solar system.

We are a leader in design, suppling and installing of high quality, Australian Standard solar panels. As an Accredited Certificate Provider, we can offer government rebates to help subsidies your solar panel solutions. We have extensive experience in implementing tailored, optimal solar solutions for various industries and business types including:
Commercial & Retail Groups
Heath & Aged

Australian Textile Mill

When Australian Textiles called us for cost-effectiveness on their energy bills, we were prompt to offer them a solution that will give them a lighting energy savings of up 90%. That is more or less $245,813 annual savings on energy consumption. Great savings while keeping environment safe at Greenhouse gas reduction of 2588 at the same time.

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