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display fridge rebate in NSW

Upgrade your commercial refrigerated display cabinet and experience energy savings. Save up to $900 per year on your energy bill as part of the NSW energy saving scheme and the NSW government fridge rebate.

This is not only a great opportunity to reduce your energy costs, but also contribute to a greener future.

display fridge rebate in NSW

Save Up to $900 per year on your energy bills.

Switching to one of our 10-star energy rating commercial refrigerated display cabinets and receive an 60% discount on your purchase as part of the NSW energy saving scheme AKA the NSW ESS, you will be using significantly less energy than older models, save on operational costs, and focus on growing your business. 

The upgrade process is seamless, ensuring minimal downtime that won’t disrupt your business, inconvenience customers, or affect the stock in your refrigerated display cabinets or storage facilities. Moreover, taking advantage of government incentives only available in NSW’s, we are here to assist you in smoothly transitioning to more efficient technologies.  

Contact our team today to learn how you can start saving. 

Please watch the video below to gain a clearer understanding of energy rating labels and why they are so important. 

Commercial Refrigerator Rebates in nsw

What Is All the Fuss with Energy Rating Labels?

We have provided an educational video that will walk you through the correct information on why and how to read a star ratings label. 

Business owners are all about acing challenges, and one smart way they do it is by getting their hands on energy-efficient refrigeration display cabinets. RDCs offer some nifty solutions to the problems you are looking to solve like-  



By investing in such cabinets, business owners can reduce their energy bills and operating costs in the long run. Energy efficiency helps businesses optimize their expenses and allocate resources to other critical areas. 

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Maintaining stable and consistent temperatures, these cabinets help preserve the freshness and quality of perishable products. This is especially crucial for businesses dealing with food, beverages, and other temperature-sensitive items. Enhanced product quality can to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business. 

Monthly Savings


Investing in a quality refrigerator display cabinet can lead to long-term cost savings. By maintaining optimal temperature conditions and preserving the freshness of products, businesses can reduce waste and minimize financial losses associated with spoiled inventory.

Payback period


By presenting items in an organized and visually appealing manner, business owners can enhance the overall shopping experience, which can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction. 

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Environmental Responsibility

Energy-efficient refrigeration cabinets consume less energy, resulting in lower green gas emissions. By using these cabinets, business can contribute to conservation efforts and align with eco-friendly practices. 



Customers can browse and select items without needing assistance, which improves the overall shopping experience. For employees, having a well-organized display cabinet makes restocking and inventory management more efficient. 

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In competitive markets, having an appealing display cabinet can differentiate a business from its competitors. A commercial display refrigerator can help attract customers, boost sales, and position a business as a professional and reliable establishment.



R290 is the most sustainable refrigerant and possibly your best option when it comes to purchasing a commercial refrigerant for your business. R290 is a refrigerant that will ensure your units last the longest and have the best environmental credentials. 

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Leanie Jean
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Love our new Refrigerator, fast service and great communication. The team at Cyanergy were very polite.
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Cherly Keher
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Very profesional with making arrangements and follow up after completion. The installer was on time, polite and efficient. I would highly recommend!
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Liz Foster
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Great people, helpful and followed through with the replacement. Their workers are polite and very helpful.
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Great service in explaining the entire process and the installation of the fridge. Overall A1 and well recommended.



Smart Lifestyle Australia 500 LTR COMMERCIAL RDC
Smart Lifestyle Australia

Includes delivery & installation
under the NSW energy saving scheme.

How Much Can Be Saved by Updating to An Energy-Efficient Commercial Fridge?

NSW businesses that take up the offer to receive a new commercial display fridge through the NSW Energy Upgrades Program will be pleased to know that they will save a massive 65% in their refrigeration running costs, while also assisting the environment by reducing their carbon footprint. 


For a more accurate cost-saving analysis, click the button below to reach out to us and talk with one of our commercial refrigeration experts. 


Prior to you contacting us, please take note of what size fridge you may require (or at minimum the size of the space you have available for the installation) as we will require that information to complete your booking and supply you with a confirmed date of installation. We are then able to do some quick math to work out exactly how much money you will save on your next electricity bill with this appliance replacement offer NSW 2023 

Frequently Asked Commercial Refrigeration Display Cabinet Questions?

What is a commercial refrigerated display cabinet used for? + -

A commercial refrigerated display cabinet is used to keep food products at the right temperature and maintain their freshness, while also presenting them in an attractive and organized manner to customers. 

How can a display cabinet enhance the presentation of food products? + -

A well-designed display cabinet can showcase food products in an organized and visually appealing way, making it easier for customers to find what they need and increasing the likelihood of making a purchase. 

What are the benefits of a display cabinet for food safety? + -

By storing food at the correct temperature, a display cabinet helps ensure that the products are safe to consume and free from harmful bacteria, reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses. 

How can a display cabinet increase sales for a food business? + -

A visually appealing display cabinet can entice customers to make purchases, thereby increasing sales and revenue for the business. 

Are display cabinets easy to clean and maintain? + -

Yes, a display cabinet made from durable materials is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that the products always look their best and remain hygienic for customers. 

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