Trade With Us Terms And Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to our trade partners who wish to do business with us and for us, comply with the scheme requirements and rewarded for their efforts by Cyanergy Pty Ltd.

1. For Electrical Contractor Businesses

Cyanergy will help you do the project right the first time. We will walk you through the LED Lighting and Solar incentives with minimum efforts and less paperworks. Our state-of-the-art collaboration app will provide real-time engagement and assistance plus a very quick and easy process of uploading supporting documents and pictures. If you need help or some guide to evidence collection process, we’re here to help.

The government green schemes are way too complicated as they involve a lot of paper works. Knowing how important this paperwork is, Cyanergy will ease you out of the burden by not overwhelming you with paperwork. We will let you focus on delivering out products and install a good quality solution plus access to the government incentives that save customers’ money while you make your own.

2. For Energy Service Companies

We are partnering with businesses conducting energy efficiency upgrade projects, through our state-of-the-art and industry-leading app, you can benefit from our quoting tools and fast payments to simplify job completion. They will have ease of accessing all certificate jobs in your pipeline. This is our expertise and we can be of great help.

We can help your business meet its high cash-flow needs and access different government incentive schemes with minimum overhead. Cyanergy is an aggregator and we are the expert in working with energy services businesses.

3. For Energy Consultants

Cyanergy understands what you need as an Energy Consultant. You can focus on helping businesses prioritize and manage energy projects while we help your customers gain access to funding from environmental certificates. We won’t just create certificates for you, we will also consulting team for M&V, metering equipment or auditing.

We will support you all the way, end-to-end, with our expertise in government schemes, metering, measurement and verification requirement and estimating the value of different government incentives.

4. For Equipment Suppliers

Cyanergy manufactures products that passed and approved by various government schemes. We have been helping lighting and electrical suppliers to install products that are of high quality tested and approved for various government schemes.

Schemes Cyanergy Accreditations
VIC VEU Commercial Lighting, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Energy Efficiency Upgrades, Residential Upgrades
NSW ESS Commercial Lighting, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Energy Efficiency Upgrades, Residential Upgrades
Federal RET Small-scale Solar PV, Large-scale Solar PV
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