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Fronius inverter review article provides you authentic data from an unbiased point of view to mature your trust on Fronius brand. These are must read info because there are lots of inverter brands in the market, particularly in Australia, albeit ironically, most of them fail to keep on their promises to serve your solar system for a long time. Hence, Choosing the right brands in terms of their warranty, the number of years in this business, and an authentic background is very cardinal in the first place before purchasing the solar inverter. Most of the recent solar inverters have gone out of their old-fashioned-mediocre features and have adopted new technologies, such as smart meters for the self-consumption, built-in MPPT, snap-in convertibility, active cooling system, Superflex design, mounting system etc. One of such solar inverters is none other than, but Fronius solar inverters. We will describe why Fronius inverter is so unique due to their solar-friendly nature in our Fronius inverter’s review.

Why This Review?

Since inverter plays a pivotal role in maximizing the efficiency of the solar panels, getting the best solar inverter for your home is a must. Fronius solar inverter is the best of its kind. In the following Fronius inverter’s review, we will try to highlight every aspect of this branded inverter to make it easy for you why you ought to install one of these inverters.

A Glimpse of Solar Inverter

We all know how a solar system converts sunlight energy into its new form of usable electric energy. For this, DC electricity produced from the solar panels has to undergo a legit transformation into a grid-compatible AC electricity. Only an inverter can transform this energy into an AC electricity. AC is the widespread form of electric power that is utilised by most of the residential, commercial and industrial electrical devices and equipment.  There are mainly five types of solar inverter used for both residential and commercial properties. Cyanergy gives you a range of option to choose the perfect tier 1 inverter from the selected top-notch brands.

Fronius Solar Inverter Review

About Fronius Australia Pty Ltd

Having originated in Austria with a European heritage in 1945 by Günter Fronius, Fronius managed to establish itself as one of the most prominent companies for manufacturing welding devices, as well as battery chargers. However, Fronius was able to exert its reputation in the solar industry too. Fronius has been in the solar industry since 1992, and its first launch of the inverter for the solar system in 1995 had helped it evolve as one of the most leading and well-established inverter manufacturers in the world. Currently, there are 19 solar offices in the whole world, including the office based in Tullamarine, Victoria. This office in Melbourne is not only used for the customer service and managerial assistance but also it provides the platform for the demonstration of the products, as well as training courses. We Cyanergy, is happy to inform you that we have all the latest collections of Fronius inverter.

Latest In-Built Technology

One of the latest built-in technologies added to the Fronius is the MPPT (Multi Power Point Tracking). Most of the Fronius inverters come up with two solar inputs. If the efficiency due to Fronius inverter is 97.8%, then the addition of MPPT will increase it up to 99.9%. MPPT, as an alternative to PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), is a type of solar charge regulator linked with both solar panels and the battery to ensure that the battery gets charged properly without having an overflow of charge. It also tends to seek the ‘Sweet Spot’ or the optimum combination of voltage and current by sweeping across a series of solar panels to generate the highest efficiency simultaneously.

Why MPPT is important?

The traditional PWM used to have a direct connection starting from the panel to the battery. It seems to wait until the battery gets fully charged manually, and the voltage of the solar panels get balanced in accordance with the battery voltage. This, in turn, causes a huge loss of the efficiency of the solar panels. On the contrary, MPPT despite having shading caused by less daylight, defective modules, birds dropping or leaves, can still find the right peak of the energy point and try to use it for the sake of the better efficiency to increase it up to 30%.
The advantage of having two solar input is to connect arrays of both east and west-facing roof (if you have any) into one input, leaving another input free for the future possibility of connecting arrays of the other facing roof into that. No matter what time of the day or how inimical the weather is, the MPPT will track the MPP (Multiple PowerPoints) across the solar panels to prevent the aftermath of the shading, hence better efficiency.

Additional Values That Features Add to A Fronius Inverter

Active cooling system and noise-free: One of the most distinctive features of the Fronius solar inverter is the presence of an ‘active cooling’ system, which allows the inverters to perform better even when exposed to excess heating. Heating can disrupt the efficiency of the inverter, and at a certain point, the inverter slumps down the performance to prevent itself from getting too hot. However, excess noise produced from it can cause sound nuisance, but it’s worth it for keeping the machine away from thermal stress.
Inverter Open
Unique snap-in design & easy to operate: Having an integrated DC isolator prevents the inverter from occupying extra space. The unique snap-in design found almost in all the recent Fronius inverters allows them to operate easily without detaching them from the wall like a car boot while installing it.
Built-in WiFi & remote control: Built-in WiFi has made it easy to be accessed from any smartphones using the solar web smartphone app. Fronius smart meter can be used to monitor the regular self-consumption, as well as the amount of electricity it generates. That’s why the price of the Fronius inverters in Australia is likely to be higher.

Longer Warranty, The Big Boon for Its User

Anything that contributes to building the whole foundation of the solar system should be taken into account for their warranty, and so is the inverter. The exciting thing is that Fronius inverter comes with a five-year warranty with an additional five-years warranty if you register at Solarweb free of charge. Should there any problem or issue arise with the warranty, the Fronius advises the customers to arrange a schedule with a qualified solar installer to have a look at the issues. If there is any, then the installer will notify the Fronius team, and they together will work to solve or replace the whole faulty inverter. Bear in mind that the customers have to pay for the installer themselves.

Different Types of Fronius Inverters

Fronius has been the backbone of manufacturing the magnificent types of welding inverters over the last 75 years, and that has intrigued them to manufacture the solar inverters. Their newly advanced snap-in inverter (snapINverter) emerged from 2012, has taken the solar inverter industry by storm in which, you can mount the inverter against the wall to open the front hood easily to function the inverter without pulling off the whole inverter. All of these robust inverters are certified with CE certification. This guarantees the customers that their inverters have met the criteria of the legislated EU requirements, and they are up to the mark in terms of their quality.
These Fronius inverters comply with the relevant Australian Standard (AS4777), which means that you can easily benefit from all the incentives and rebates that the Australian government is currently offering. You can also check out the following link to see the Clean Energy Council’s approved inverters list. That’s why they appear to be one of the first choices as the best solar inverter for home. In our Fronius inverter review, we had shown the main characteristics of these different types of inverters.
There are five types of Fronius inverters, and they are as follows;
1. Fronius Primo Inverters
2. Fronius Galvo Inverters
3. Fronius Symo Inverters
4. Fronius Symo Hybrid Inverters
5. Fronius Eco Inverters
1. Fronius Primo Inverters: Having launched 6 years ago, their snap-in inverters feature has garnered it huge attention and thus made it one of the best residential solar inverters of its brand. Being a bit of bulky with a weight around 21.5kg, this inverter surely has one of the best interfaces with an apt combination of a large sleek monitor with four multi-function buttons. Its power rating ranges from 3.0kW to 8.2kW.
Important Features
  • This inverter can be merged with multi-mode battery inverter to build an AC coupled storage system.
  • It has the fan-forced active cooling system.
  • Zero Feed-in capability.
  • Communication interface with WLAN technology.
  • Integrated data communication.
  • High input current with a rating of 18A per MPPT (5kW+SC version).
  • Amazing snap-in design for easy service and installation.
  • Integrated DC isolator.
Fronius Primo
2. Fronius Galvo Inverters: This inverter is used as a perfect retrofitting replacement of the obsolete version of the inverter. The Fronius Galvo ranges its power rating from 1.5kW to 3.1kW and is the perfect example of the residential inverter for its convenient perks.
Important Features
  • Zero Feed-in capability.
  • WLAN technology.
  • Small screen perfect for taking the reading of the self-consumption.
  • Plug-in card option.
  • Smart grid ready.
  • Snap-in chassis with hinged body for easy installation.
  • Compact and portable due to lower weight (16.8kg).
  • Available with indoor and outdoor mounting (IP 55).
  • Integrated data communication.
Fronius Galvo
3. Fronius Symo Inverters:  This is a three-phase inverter with no transformer present. While the power ranges from 3.0kW to 20kW, Symo inverter can perform spontaneously in the harsh temperature up to 50 deg C due to its active cooling system without compromising its power. This inverter is equally appreciated for both commercial and residential properties for its stunning performance. This inverter was awarded as a top performer in 2019’s PVEL test based on high-temperature operation, transient response, and ground and arc fault. You can check out the PVEL scorecard here to get an insight about Fronius solar inverter. Cyanergy has sold an enormous number of Fronius Symo inverters to its clients.
Important Features
  • Integrated data communication.
  • Two MPP trackers.
  • Superflex design.
  • Zero Feed-In compatibility.
  • External relay control.
  • Integrated DC isolator and DC string fusing.
  • Stunning Snap-in design for the convenience.
  • Active fan-forced Cooling system.
  • High input current (ECO 27) = 47.7A (Isc max 71.6A).
4. Fronius Eco Inverters: Eco inverter is considered as one of the most advanced inverters for having a power rating between 25kW and 27kW and used for the large-scale commercial purpose due to its omnipotent features, reliability, integrated string fusing options, and many more. The overvoltage defying option, along with an integrated string fusing option ensures that the inverter has all the strings kept in one place and removes the extra string combiner box, which is easy to install.
Important Features
  • Ingress protection rating is 66, making it resistant to heavy force of water at a jet speed.
  • Dust-tight.
  • Smart Grid Ready.
  • Zero Feed-In capability.
  • Integrated data communication.
  • Dynamic Peak Manager.
Fronius ECO
5. Fronius Symo Hybrid Inverters: Both battery and emergency power can be included for the perfect storage solution for a residential and commercial property. Therefore, if there is an outrage of power, it will supply the power sun by day, sun by night and sun during as well. However, the major drawbacks are its only 3-phase option, costly battery, and single MPPT input. Three-phase option restricts it from being used in a large scale since most of the residential properties outside the Eurozone are single-phased. Lack of two MPPT can result in deprivation of two panels orientation.
Important Features
  • Provide backup power
  • Breaking battery integration
  • Max efficiency of 97.6%
  • Leading MPPT algorithms
  • Free iPhone and Android apps make accessing
  • Able to be configured to provide electricity
Fronius SYMO Hybrid

Why Fronius is The Best Solar Inverter for Home?

Fronius has been on the verge of immense popularity is due to its ability to create reliability along with its sublime performance amongst the residential and commercial users. It has all the qualities and characteristics that the best inverter for a home should possess. However, Fronius Primo, a sub-type of Fronius inverter had received some flak regarding its supply and defective issues. Still, the fantastic customer service rendered by the Fronius customer support team, along with its solving capabilities, has caught the eyes of its respective clients. Thus, Fronius received positive feedback from the customers.

Why Solar Inverter is a Crucial Part in Solar System?

The reason a solar inverter is considered to be the most crucial part is due to its proneness to damage or impairment caused by the harsh weather. Raining, snowing, humidity or extreme heat are some of the regularly faced weather-related obstacles that any inverter ranging from expensive to lower-end has to go through, and some inverters have to compromise generating thousands of watts of solar electricity for an incessant period of time in a day. As a result, the more the inverter can be taken care of, the longer it will last and benefit you in terms of generating more power.


Lastly, it is advised that all the prospective clients and customers who wish to install solar systems at their properties with a thought of installing the perfect inverters, Fronius solar inverter can be considered as your ideal choice as it can improve your overall turnover to a greater extent. You can choose to see a wide range of inverters under the Fronius brand, and Cyanergy will help you get the best solar inverter for your home and the commercial properties. If you have any query regarding our Fronius inverter review, do feel free to comment in a box.



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