Cyanergy and Greener join forces to help Australian SMBs decarbonise while saving money 

Cyanergy, with over 12 years of experience in the renewable and energy efficiency sector, has partnered with Greener, a Sydney based clean-tech start-up, to help SMBs fast-track their sustainability journey towards net-zero emissions. With this new partnership Cyanergy’s business customers will have free access (usually valued at $228 per year) to Greener’s new digital platform solution, called Greener for Business, to help them prioritise the steps they can take to reduce their carbon footprint via a tailored action plan while gaining access to exclusive offers, expert advice, tips and how-to guides that make becoming more sustainable easier than ever. 

As part of the collaboration, Cyanergy is providing an exclusive Performance Guarantee for all solar panel installations, ensuring small and medium-sized businesses achieve maximum efficiency. This guarantee underscores Cyanergy’s commitment to delivering tangible results and facilitating a smooth transition to greener energy solutions, benefiting both the environment and the financial performance of businesses.

Moreover, Cyanergy’s collaboration with Greener for Business showcases our commitment to providing a comprehensive solution. By seamlessly integrating the advantages of both renewable and energy efficiency realms, we offer a full-circle solution. This approach ensures that businesses can harness the combined benefits of sustainable practices and increased energy efficiency for a holistic and impactful solution.

Australia’s SMBs make up more than 98% of all businesses and contribute more than $506 billion to the economy. With 43% of small businesses running at a loss, and an estimated 48% of new businesses failing within the first four years, Australia’s 2.5 million SMBs are doing it tough. But with the right support, under-resourced and time-poor SMBs can play a vital role in the fight against climate change and improve their bottom line by taking climate action.

While the implementation of sustainable practices has traditionally been time-intensive and costly, Greener has built a solution that removes these pain points by making it easy for you to transform your operations across key emissions areas such as energy, waste, electrification, packaging, and logistics while also helping to unlock savings for your bottom line. For example, switching to Green Energy could save the average small business upwards of $800 a year and reduce emissions by 11.5 tonnes while high-impact changes like installing rooftop solar could save businesses upwards of $7,000 per year on their electricity bills in less than five years.

To find out more about Greener for Business and sign up for free, click here


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