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The continuous use of fossil fuel is what leading the earth towards self-destruction. However, sunlight is free, infinite, and easily accessible. Whereas those unsustainable resources need to be mined, extracted, transported, and transformed to be used as a viable source of energy, sunlight can be used to gain energy just through solar panels. To add to that, solar panels work relentlessly throughout the years; this one-time investment can save you thousands of dollars on electricity bills and even make you some money on the way. Trina Solar is one of the famous names in the industry of renewable energy that has been manufacturing spectacular solar panels. And in this article, I’m going to write Trina solar panels review and give you all the information you need to know before you make a purchase. Are they really worth the attention? Let’s find out!

Trina Solar Panels Review

About Trina Solar

Trina Solar was founded in 1997 by Gao Jifan. They proudly uphold the badge of honor as one of the top 5 solar panel manufacturers of the world. Trina solar caters to 30 countries around the globe; however, even if they are a mass producer, they have never compromised with their quality. It’s a Chinese solar company, which has been leading the market for quite some time, as they produce one of the finest solar panels you can possibly get at such an affordable price point.
Trina Solar is ranked as one of the top Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Tier 1 status does not necessarily mean that the product is of the highest quality possible, but it means that the manufacturing company is doing well financially; it’s an indication of financial stability. This also points out the fact that there is a huge demand in the market for Trina solar panels, and it wouldn’t have been that way if the customers were not happy.
As Trina is considered to be a mid-range or affordable solar panel module, they highly focus on your return on investment. There are some very high-performing panels within your budget. Not only the traditional p-type models but also, they offer the more premium and efficient n-type models.
Trina Solar reached a milestone in 2020 when it was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Also, they broke the solar cell efficiency world record 7 times that year (2014). As of Dec. 2020, Trina Solar has delivered more than 66 GW of solar modules worldwide, ranking “Top 500 private enterprises in China”.
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Where Are Trina Solar Panels Manufactured?

The majority of Trina solar panels are manufactured in China. Well, that’s a given because they are, in fact, a Chinese company. They are based in Changzhou, which, is just a one-hour train ride from Shanghai. However, they also have a manufacturing plant in Thailand and another one in Vietnam.
Besides the manufacturing plants, they have actively operating offices in more than 30 countries worldwide, including Australia, USA, middle east, Africa, Europe, France, Portugal, and so on.
In Australia, their office is located in one of the most famous cities in the country, Sydney. If you choose Trina, you can contact the company at any given moment. However, if you want a one-to-one session with a solar specialist and know more about Trina solar, please contact Cyanergy.

Panel Technology Of Trina Solar Panel

In the history of Chinese solar panel manufacturers, Trina was one of the first companies to include Multi Busbar (MBB) technology on an entire series of products. Because this is one of the simplest ways to increase panel efficiency. The MBB technology reduces the shading issue, normally caused by the traditional ribbon busbar. This technology also causes the panel temperature to drop down and lowers the risk of hot spot formation in the rear end of the solar panels.
Another innovative technology that Trina solar uses is the bi-faciality of solar panels. Bifacial solar panels are capable of producing solar energy from both sides of the solar panels rather than only one side.
As it is already known that, there are certain optimal times of the day where sunlight radiation is the most effective when it comes to converting sunlight to electrical energy. If the solar panels remain the most active during that time, they can produce the most amount of energy; thus, they can be very efficient. So, in order to capture the highest amount of sunlight possible, the bifacial characteristics of the Trina solar panels allow them to capture the most amount of solar energy through the front and the back of the panel.
A right location and right condition can result in these bifacial panels producing 30% more solar energy than a traditional model.

Available Models Of Trina Solar In Australia?

Here are some of the available models right now in Australia. Their specifications, in brief, are as follows. However, if you wish to know in-depth about any particular solar panel, Cyanergy is more than happy to help.

Trina Solar Vertex Series

  • Maximum panel efficiency is up to 21.2%
  • 150 cells, 1/3 cut solar cells
  • Monocrystalline PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) cell
  • Power outage range 485-510W
  • Suitable for residential setting
  • International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) certification acquired. This certificate denotes that these panels can withstand explosive atmospheres.
  • 5%-30% of additional power generation brought by the backside (it’s bifacial)
  • Multi busbar technology to lower series resistance and improve power generation
  • Compatible with mainstream inverters and tracking systems
  • – 0.34%/℃ temperature coefficient
  • 12-year product warranty
  • 25-year performance warranty
  • 2% first-year power degradation, after that 0.55% power degradation annually

Trina Solar Panels Honey M Series

  • Module efficiency is up to 20.7%
  • Hal-cut, 120 monocrystalline solar cells in each panel
  • Multi busbar technology ensures lower resistance and high-power output
  • Ensured PID resistance through cell process
  • Resistant to acid, salt, and ammonia
  • – 0.34%/℃ temperature coefficient
  • 25-years of power warranty
  • 12-years of product warranty
  • The first-year power degradation rate is 2%; after that, 0.55% power degradation occurs per annum
  • Weighs about 20.0 kg (44.1 lbs.)

Trina Solar Panel TallMAX M Series

  • Maximum panel efficiency is 21%
  • 144 monocrystalline cell modules
  • Multi busbar technology 435-460W power output range Resistant to salt, acid, and ammonia
  • Each panel weighs about 24.0 kg (52.9lb)
  • 25-year power warranty
  • 12-year product warranty
  • The first-year power degradation rate is 2%; after that, 0.55% power degradation occurs per annum
  • Ensured PID (Potential Induced Degradation) resistance through cell process and module material control
  • Suitable for a commercial setting

Trina Solar DUOMAX 144 Twin Series

  • Maximum panel efficiency is up to 20.7% Power output range of 430-455W
  • Its dual-glass design reduces UV aging, degradation, and corrosion
  • Monocrystalline solar cells
  • Incorporates dual-glass technology
  • Half-cut cells incorporating multi busbar technology
  • 5% annual power degradation
  • Gains up to 25% additional energy from the back, as the model is bifacial
  • Better shading issue measurements
  • The temperature coefficient is – 0.34%/℃
  • 30-years of power warranty
  • 12-years of product workmanship warranty

Difference Between Trina Solar Panels

VertexHoney MTall MAX MDUOMX 144 Twin
Power (W)485-510W375W435-460W390W
Cell Number150120144144
Cell TypeMonocrystalline PERCMonocrystalline N-TypeMonocrystalline N-TypeMonocrystalline N-Type
Efficiency (%)21.20%20.70%21%19.20%
Size2187× 1102× 35 Mm1763× 1040 × 35 Mm2102× 1040× 35 Mm2024 X 1004 X 35mm
Weight (KG)26.520.042429.2
FeaturesMonocrystalline PERC Half-Cut Cell Technology For High EfficiencyMonocrystalline Half-Cut Cell Award-Winning Cello Technology For High EfficiencyMonocrystalline Half-Cut Cell Technology For High EfficiencyMonocrystalline Half-Cut Cell Technology For High Efficiency
Operational Temperature Range-34°C To 90°C-34°C To 90°C-34°C To 90°C-34°C To 90°C
Annual Power DegradationNot More Than 0.55%Not More Than 0.55%Not More Than 0.55%Not More Than 0.55%
Product Warranty12 Years12 Years12 Years12 Years
Performance Warranty25 Years25 Years25 Years30 Years

Pros & Cons: Trina Solar Panels Review

Here are some advantages as well as some disadvantages that Trina solar Trina solar possesses. Take a look.


  • Bifacial technology in quite a few solar panels, which significantly increases panel efficiency.
  • Most of the Trina solar panels are priced in a way, which majority can afford without compromising on quality.
  • A great warranty period offered with each and every panel
  • A whole range of panels includes the amazing MBB technology that reduces shading issues and lowers panel resistance.
  • They have both monocrystalline and multi-crystalline panels to cater to people with different preferences
  • The dual-glass panels are designed to reduce UV aging, degradation, and corrosion
  • The temperature coefficient of every solar panel is in a good range
  • They offer a huge variety of solar panels to choose from


  • Previously, there used to be a quality issue regarding backsheet degradation, but after 2014 there have not been any issues recorded since.

Warranty & Service

Most of the Trina solar panels come with a maximum of 30-years power warranty and 12-years of product warranty. With panels that are efficient and no record of quality issues since 2014, there is nothing to worry about. Also, if you need to get in touch with the company, they have an office in Sydney for you to reach out and get help.
Also, Cyanergy is here to help you too. From getting you familiar with the panels throughout the entire panel installation process, we will be there in every step of the way.


In this Trina solar panels review article, I tried to cover every aspect of the panel as simply as I could. Trina solar panels are ranked as one of the top 5 solar panel modules in the entire world, and that status is not to be taken lightly. Also, with their hard work and determination, they have been breaking quite a few world records in the panel efficiency criteria.
To sum things up, if you are looking forward to investing in a solar module, Trina solar undoubtedly deserves a place in your preference list.



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