What Is the Cost for Heat Pump Replacement in 2023

Hot water heat pumps are incredibly popular in Australia at the moment. The reasons are their smart operating technology and energy efficiency, which is a national target set to achieve by 2030. By replacing your electric heat pump with an energy-efficient heat pump, you will be set to save a hefty amount in the process. While all that sounds amazing but what is the cost for heat pump replacement in 2023?
There are many attributes that influence the cost of heat pump replacement. In this blog, I will be addressing all of them, so please keep on reading if you are interested to know more about the topic.

Hot Water Heat Pump Replacement Cost and Considerations

An energyefficient heat pump unit costs somewhere between $2500 to $5500 for an average family of four that uses about 50L of hot water for each member per day. Please note that this is strictly an estimation and by no means a viable quote. To be specific, heat pump cost will vary on your usage pattern and your expectations from it too. 
cost of heat pump replacement
Good news for those who reside in NSW and Victoria. The cost of heat pump replacement in both states is next to zero. If you are a Victorian resident, your power-hungry electric hot water unit can be replaced with an energyefficient heat pump one which is valued at $3500 in exchange for literally zero dollars! Also, for the residents of New South Wales, you will have to pay only $99 to swap your old unit with a brandnew one. These government subsidies are in place to encourage residents to be more energy efficient.

Why Choose an Energy-Efficient Heat Pump Over an Electric One?

A heat pump may be preferred over an electric water heater for a number of reasons – 
Energy efficiency: Heat pumps are far more energy-efficient than conventional electric water heaters. They function by drawing heat from the air around them, which uses a lot less energy than just using electricity to generate heat. Over time, this can lead to considerable cost savings.
Reduced operating costs: Heat pumps often have lower operating expenses than electric water heaters because they need less energy to heat water. This can result in long-term savings for both businesses and homeowners.
Longevity: Heat pumps may last up to 20 years or more, which is a far longer lifespan than conventional electric water heaters. Over time, this may result in lower replacement costs.
Environmental benefits: Compared to electric water heaters, heat pumps are a greener choice. Their carbon footprint is less, and they emit fewer greenhouse gases.
Versatility: Heat pumps come in air-source and geothermal variants, making them appropriate for a variety of locales and climates. For residences, businesses, or even swimming pools, they could supply hot water.

How Does the Energy-Efficient Heat Pump Work?

Here is how the heat pump works-
Firstly, using a fan, the heat pump pulls air from the surroundings. A refrigerant fluid-filled evaporator coil is passed over by the air. The refrigerant transforms from a liquid to a gas when it takes up heat from the air.
The compressor then compresses the refrigerant gas, which further increases its temperature. After passing via a heat exchanger, the hot refrigerant gas distributes its heat to the water in the tank.
The refrigerant cools down and transforms back into a liquid as it transfers its heat to the water. The expansion valve decreases the pressure and temperature of the cooled liquid refrigerant, enabling it to enter the next stage of the cycle.
Get to know more about one of the popular heat pump brands at the moment Smart Lifestyle Australia here. SLA hot water heat pumps manufactured in Australia are intended to be extremely energy-efficient, consuming up to 75% less energy than conventional electric water heaters. Over time, doing this can save you a lot of money on your energy costs.
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