Greenwood Business Park

Working on big projects is not new to Cyanergy. We have had a handful of significant and relatively complicated jobs that we have successfully completed. One of them is the Greenwood Business Park in Burwood. Installations of high quality LED products, primarily LED Panel lights, was carefully undertaken and supervised without any delay and distractions. Thus, our client is as happy as ever. – Greenwood Business Park HIGHWAY BURWOOD, VIC 3125
Energy Savings73%
Payback Period12 Months
Annual Lighting Energy Saving528,607.83 kWh
First Year Return on Investment100%
Greenhouse Gas Reduction4470 tonnes per annum
Total 10 Year Saving$1,515,606.65


By far, this is the biggest commercial project we did in Victoria. The client sought our help to upgrade the standard of lighting on the premises with savings on costs and productivity among their employees while keeping safety at all times, as their priorities. Cyanergy achieved 73.53% energy savings with more than 2,000 LED Panel lights, 200 LED Downlights and other high quality LED products installed throughout the client’s buildings and premises.

The Project

The project was never easy, in fact it had been very challenging because we needed to install LED Lights in various buildings. Through our expertise, we were able to deliver the savings and energy efficiency within the timeframe set and it was done successfully.


Energy Savings of up to 73% was delivered with the assurance of much lower maintenance cost for years. That’s efficiency and productivity guarantee with zero out of pocket expense after the scheme applies.
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