The owner partnered with us with a primary goal of reducing their power bill of more or less $850 a quarter and ever-recurring maintenance costs. Immediately, Cyanergy’s assessment offered a resolution of a complete upgrade of the entire lighting premises, replacing all existing halogen downlights with LEDs to futureproof the project.

This solution guarantees up to 90% savings and returns on investment of up to 120% for the first year. Proves that the upgrade is indeed a practical decision that does not only create a very comfortable ambiance in the home but also lowered maintenance and bulb replacement costs.

Energy Savings90%
Payback Period12 Months
Annual Lighting Energy Saving40,460kwh
First Year Return on Investment100%
Greenhouse Gas Reduction145 tonnes per annum
Total 10 Year Saving404,600 kwh


The owner is looking for a solution to ever-increasing power bill and recurring maintenance cost for replacing halogen bulbs until they approached us to provide the solution that will drive savings yet maintain the aesthetic value of their home.

The Project

To future proof the property, Cyanergy upgraded the entire household by replacing all existing halogen bulbs. We installed 2 Cyanergy 5W LED Downlights and 94 Cyanergy 9W LED Downlights that will definitely cost effective and low maintenance plus keeping the warmth and comfortable ambiance in the home.


That’s up to 90% savings on the power bill and return on investment for the first year. Around $3,125 per annum savings with cost fully subsidised by government rebate.
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