Energy bills can be a large overhead in business, especially in a warehouse as Toll. The client approaches us about their warehouse lighting upgrade to reduce their overall cost of operations by switching to LED lighting.

A switch to LED lighting can save up to 90% energy compared to conventional solutions. Optimize savings even further by adding smart energy management systems that allow light levels optimization and maintenance planning.

Energy Savings77%
Payback Period12 Months
Annual Lighting Energy Saving494,404.02 kWh
First Year Return on Investment100%
Greenhouse Gas Reduction3706 tonnes per annum
Total 10 Year Saving$1,376,864.01


This warehouse was looking for a solution to address their high lighting energy consumption that disrupts their cashflows. Throughout the warehouse, offices and outdoor areas there were old 400W metal halide highbays and fluorescent lighting had significantly passed their use by date. The illumination levels they provided were inadequate for the task.

The Project

As part of the building assessment and site audit, Cyanergy provided new lighting design for the huge warehouse using energy efficient LED fittings with a 54,000 hour lifetime. 285 LED Highbays with lighting sensors were used in the racking area which provides a long and wide beam spread. 225 LED Panels were used inside the building from reception and offices, corridors, bathrooms, and product assembly work areas. 34 floodlights were installed around the outside perimeter of the warehouse on the loading dock canopy and carparks. Daylight and motion sensors in the warehouse automatically dim the fittings when natural light from the skylights is sufficient which help reduce energy consumption by up to 78.19 %.


This is such a big project Cyanergy has worked on. Just like the other projects we did, it delivered the savings and efficiency that we have been known for. Lighting Energy Savings of 77.41% which is equivalent to 494,404.02 per annum. Annual lighting energy cost saving of $137,686.40 and that’s about $14,085.40 annual lighting maintenance cost saving. That’s a great saving of energy and money and the environment.

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