Upgrading Energy-Efficient LED Lighting in Commercial Buildings

Upgrading LED lights helps businesses improve their lighting and save money on energy. LED lights last longer than old lights and use less power while giving better light.  

Businesses in Victoria and South Australia can get free upgrades from government programs. In New South Wales, upgrades are heavily subsidised.

What is Energy-Efficient LED Lighting?

Energy-efficient LED lighting is a type of lighting that helps save energy. LEDs stand for Light Emitting Diodes. It uses less electricity compared to traditional bulbs like incandescent or fluorescent lights.  

They work by converting electricity into light more efficiently, producing more light using less power. These help reduce electricity bills and contribute to environmental conservation by lowering carbon emissions.  

LED lights also last longer than traditional bulbs, so they must be replaced less often, saving money and hassle. Overall, energy-efficient LED lighting is a smart choice for lighting up homes, offices, and other spaces while being friendly to your wallet and the planet.

What is the Energy Efficiency Commercial LED Light Upgrade?

The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program, managed by the Essential Services Commission, offers discounted LED lighting solutions to businesses like shops, warehouses, offices, and more. 

If you want your business space to look great and your customers to feel happy and comfortable, switch to LED lights.  

Unlike fluorescent or metal halide lights, LEDs don’t flicker or lose brightness over time. Plus, they use less energy, which means lower electricity bills. 

LED lights are energy-efficient, meaning they help save money on power bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These subsidised energy upgrades are a good choice for the environment and your wallet.

VEU: Subsidised Energy Upgrades for Victorians

The Victorian government’s Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU) program is a plan to help people use energy smarter. It gives discounts for both homes and businesses to switch to energy-saving ways.  

This program is top-rated in Australia because it helps Victorians save money and be eco-friendly. The Essential Services Commission manages it according to the VEU Regulations 2008. Since it started, the VEU program aims to:  

  • Make it easier for businesses and homes to save energy 
  • Help reduce pollution 
  • Support jobs and new technology in energy-saving industries across Victoria.

Benefits of LED Lighting for Businesses

LED lights
Here’s why having customised LED lights is crucial for saving energy in your business: 

Saves Money

LED bulbs use less power than old-style bulbs like compact fluorescents or incandescent ones. When you switch to LED lights, you’ll use less electricity and pay less. 

Low Maintenance

LED bulbs need much less maintenance. For example, compact fluorescents lose brightness over time, but LED lights stay consistent. Plus, LED bulbs last a lot longer than other types.

Perfect Lighting

LED lights can be adjusted to give the proper brightness for different areas. For instance, offices require about 400 lux of light, but manufacturing floors require more.  

We’ll help set up the best lighting for each part of your business, which can improve productivity and safety.

Smart Controls for Energy Efficiency

Your LED lighting setup can include smart features like sensors and controls to manage energy better. It means you’ll use even less electricity and save more money.

Government subsidies, Programs & Rewards for Commercial LED Lighting

There are government programs that offer subsidies to encourage using energy-saving lighting. And when you switch to LED lights and save energy, you may qualify for lower electricity rates. 

Local, state and national government agencies offer various incentives and rebate programs to support businesses and owners of commercial spaces in reducing the costs of buying and installing energy-efficient commercial LED lighting. 

Businesses must meet specific criteria and obtain certifications to qualify for these rewards, 

By taking advantage of these rebate programs, your business can move ahead and see a good return on investment in commercial LED lighting.

Avoids Rising Energy Bills

LED lighting helps shield your business from higher energy prices in the future. Instead of wasting money on inefficient lighting, let us help you switch to LED lights and start saving. Schedule an energy-saving consultation and talk to our experts today.

Enhance Lighting's Quality and Lifespan

LED lights are great for industries because they’re super efficient and shine light in a specific direction. They don’t need diffusers or reflectors to work well, making them even more efficient. 

Environmentally Friendly Choice

LED lights are safer than traditional bulbs. They don’t give off harmful ultraviolet light, have no toxic gases, don’t contain mercury, and emit way less carbon dioxide than old halogen bulbs. 

Boosts Work Efficiency

Besides financial rewards, switching to commercial LED lighting also boosts productivity at work. Dim lights strain our eyes, causing headaches and less work output.  

But LEDs imitate natural light, making us feel under sunlight. It means you won’t get eye irritation, strain or headaches, leading to more productive hours.  

Quick & Simple LED Upgrade

You don’t need to spend extra cash on new lights and fixtures. Installing LED lights is fast and easy. We follow a quick process, getting it done without interrupting your daily work.  

LED Upgrade Process Made Easy

Here’s why it’s a good idea to upgrade your business to LED lights: 

  1. Contact Us: Talk to an expert or get a free quote. We’ll schedule everything after that.
  2. Site Assessment: Our team will observe your current situation and determine how switching to LED can save you energy. We’ll do a commercial energy audit on your business.
  3. Detailed plan: We’ll give you a thorough proposal explaining how our LED lights can help your business and give you the best return on investment.
  4. Installation: Our skilled installers will install the new lights at your place, ensuring it doesn’t disrupt your daily work.
  5. Start saving: Once the LED lights are in, you’ll see a drop in your energy use and bills.

Eligibility Criteria

You can see if you qualify and get the money benefits by talking to an approved supplier near you. It’s smart to talk to a few suppliers to find the best deal. 

Here’s what the supplier will do: 

  • Figure out what lighting you need, either over the phone or by coming to see you. 
  • Send a certified electrician to put in the new lights. 
  • Tell you how much lighting you need to qualify for the upgrade.

Energy-efficient Lighting for Industrial and Commercial Applications (Australian Textiles)

To stay competitive, we carefully examine costs in every part of the process. Lighting can use a lot of energy in a manufacturing warehouse, sometimes up to 80% of the bill. So, it needs to be as efficient and affordable as possible.  

Our longer-lasting and energy-efficient LED lighting solutions from Cyanergy can help Australian Textiles save money, reduce downtime, and use less energy. It also keeps employees safe and helps them work better. 

When Australian Textiles asked us to help them save money on energy bills, we quickly offered a solution. With our plan, they could save up to 90% on lighting energy costs, which equals around $245,813 every year. 

That’s significant savings and continues to help the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2588.



We look at costs closely in every step of the process to stay strong in the industry. Lighting can use up to 80% of the energy bill in a manufacturing warehouse, so it needs to be efficient and affordable. 

Our LED lighting solutions from Cyanergy can make a big difference for Australian Textiles, saving them money and energy while keeping their employees safe and productive. 

The Project

We recommended future-proofing the whole area to ensure the lights need less maintenance and fewer replacements. This advice was appreciated, especially when our customers saw they could save around $66,066.07 annually on energy costs.  

That’s a 100% return on investment in the first year. Our expert solutions do save money and energy.


That’s up to 90% savings on the power bill and a 100% return on investment in the first year. 


Energy Savings- 90% 

Payback Period- 12 Months 

Annual Lighting Energy Saving- 2458,813.85 kWh 

First-Year Return on Investment- 100% 

Greenhouse Gas Reduction- 2588 tonnes per annum 

Total 10 Year Saving- $660,660.70 

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