Zeversolar Inverter Review | Did It Keep The Expectation?

Jiangshu Zeversolar New Energy Co. Ltd, also famously recognised as Zeversolar, is a Sino-German joint venture company, established, particularly for upholding the initiation of renewable energy. Having been in the solar industry from the very beginning since 2007, this giant Chinese inverter manufacturer, managed to take the solar inverter by storm by producing some of the best and cheaper inverters not only in the Chinese market, but also in various parts of the world, including Europe, Australia, Asia, and North America. Therefore, Zeversolar inverter review will explore the core fundamentals of Zeversolar’s journey.

Zeversolar Inverter Review

What’s The History Of Zeversolar?

Zeversolar was formed when the Zof, one of the largest central inverter manufacturers, came in combination with Eversolar, another string inverter manufacturer, in 2007. This company, as soon as established, began to reign the solar industry in a short span of time, conquering the whole of Europe, Australia, and some parts of North America. However, it no longer resumes its selling in North America.
The reason the Zeversolar inverter remained popular due to its simplicity and competitive price; Zeversolar inverter also showed all the characteristics of the modern and world-class inverter for which it was widely accepted in a country like Australia where the solar system is greatly scrutinized. Having awarded in multiple occasions for being the best and top-notch solar inverter charger and the options for a wide range of solar systems, Zeversolar is considered as a leading inverter brand worldwide.

How SMA Takes Over Zeversolar?

You already have figured out how giant and prominent SMA group is in terms of its business expansion and years of growth-revenue. Still, if you need to read about the SMA inverter, then click here to get more information about it as we won’t go in detail of it on our Zeversolar inverter review. No matter how big the company is, it always develops a habit of growing even further, and so is Zeversolar. To do this, they thought of expanding their businesses beyond Germany and other countries and hoped into China for more turnover.
We don’t know whether or not it was a blatant move; however, SMA started to own a majority of the share, close to 75.5%, of the Zeversolar company followed by now it owns 99.25% of Zeversolar. Even before, Zeversolar’s share has been handed over to SMA; it deteriorated its quality for faulty and defective products. Another primary reason for SMA to get hold of Zeversolar is to delve into its sordid drawbacks and revamp the 6 months’ products drawn out from the shelves to reduce the fault rate under 1%.

How Zeversolar Ceased Its Business Recently?

The Managing Director named, Marko Werner, in a letter sent out on December 18, 2019, stated that they would soon begin the procedure of ceasing their business. However, their support and technical handling of any issues or complaint regarding the previous purchase would remain precisely the same as it was before, especially warranty and service.

How Zeversolar Is Doing In Australia, And How Responsive Is The Customer Support?

The Zeversolar’s office is located in Docklands, Melbourne – This leading inverter industry had pioneered the outlook of how the inverter at its lower price can bolster the performance of the entire solar system in Australia. These noble inverters received such a massive response from the customers that it kept the dignity of its daddy brand, SMA.
The customer care team is immensely supportive towards the customers with their expert views, extracted from the instruction manual from three different levels of customer’s support. These three levels of customer supports are – Specialist hotline for getting insight about new products, Technical support for making a query about any technical-related matters from the staffs having direct contact with R&D department, and Logistic partner for local support, including the urgent replacement.
If you wish to talk to a member of staffs, they are available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Click here to get more information regarding their contact.

What Ranges Of Inverters Zeversolar Manufactures For Australia?

All kinds of inverters from Zeversolar are manufactured and assembled in China – they are then dispatched to Melbourne branch in Australia via shipping. The main 4 types of inverters produced for Australia are;
  • Zeverlution
  • Eversol TL 1500-AS
  • Eversol TL 2000-AS
  • Zeversol TI 3000-AS
We will discuss the features of all these 4 types anywhere below this Zeversolar inverter review.

What Features Are Found In Zeversolar?

What doesn’t this inverter have that other modern and up-to-date inverters have? I reckon everything, and you will agree. Keeping pace with the neoteric and advanced inverters from various reputable brands, Zeversolar has all the unique features – capable of generating 1kW to 1mW from residential to commercial at its best, built-in Wi-Fi connection for facilitating the remote maintenance, quiet sound due to 25db noise capacity, lightweight and compact with around 40% less weight, IP65 durability, max efficiency of 97.0%, presence of single or multiple MPPT inputs, single or three-phase inverter size, and 5 years of warranty with an additional 10 years warranty extension.

Do The Features Of Zeversolar Match With The Price?

Zeversolar inverters are meant to be for those who hardly bother to ascertain the expensive pieces of inverters thinking that the expensive would always turn out the authentic inverters. Instead, the customers who wish to get the right products with high yield matched with the modern inverters without whining about where they are made, (China or Europe) should look for the Zeversolar inverter.
Keep in mind that, it is not an ordinary Chinese-made inverter, built to serve the customers for a shorter time, but rather, it is one of those inverter manufacturers that got the privilege to merge with the SMA, an inverter company considered as the Bee’s Knees of the whole solar industry. However, a piece of SMA inverter will cost you $1000 more than the Zeversolar, whereas Zeversolar having less price will still give you an up to the mark standard.

How New Models Ensure More Reliability?

The SMA has an ample contribution in revolutionizing the manufacturing, as well as quality control to overhaul the obsolete Zeversolar solar inverters. The meticulous testing is carried out multiple times on each inverter to ensure that before it reaches out to the respective customers, it simply doesn’t fail to make them content.
Temperature testing for several hours along with the other QC testing makes sure that no dead-on-arrival (DOA) products come out from the stable manufacturing process. If you need to know more about the impact of the SMA on the Zeversolar inverters, click here to read.

What Is The Warranty Period Of Zeversolar?

Any Zeversolar inverters come with a 5-years warranty with an option to an extra 5 years warranty. Check out to see how you can apply for the extension of the warranty. This is the warranty form that you need to fill to apply for the extension. Besides, for more information related to the warranty, click here on this Zeversolar inverter review to know more.
As long as the factor warranty is concerned, unless the products present any defects in materials or workmanship, you will be entitled to receive a 5-years warranty from the date of purchase. However, you must know that you can’t afford to ask for the replacement or repairing work should your inverter lose any part which was affixed even during the warranty period.
If any trouble happens within 10 years due to Zeversolar’s fault, then the company will replace or repair your faulty products free of charge exclusive of additional travel requirements. Or a qualified repairer will take care of your repairing work or replacement.

Types Of Zeversolar Inverters

This Zeversolar inverter review will explore all 4 kinds of the most used inverters in Australia.

1. Zeverlution Series:

  • Size is compact and light, around 6 to 11kg
  • For the outer weather, it has the casing of IP65
  • Very quiet at less than 15 to 25db
  • Communication and remote maintenance are carried out through optional Wi-Fi and integrated Ethernet. Check here for how to connect it with an iPhone.
  • Available from 1 to 3 kW and 3.68 to 5kW
  • Max efficiency is from 96.3% to 97.5%
  • The best performance is seen at a higher altitude up to 3000 metres without derating
  • Remote firmware update is supported
  • Plug-in AC connectors for easy electrical installation
  • SUNCLIX connectors for toolless DC wiring
  • Dual MPPTs available for 3680/4000/5000 series

2. Eversol TL Series:

  • Single-phase inverter with a capacity from 1kW to 3kW
  • It is built particularly for the residential properties of any size from big to small with max efficiency 97%
  • Single MPPT
  • Weight 11.5 to 14kg which is average
  • Grid management functions via ZeverCom and ZeverCom Wi-Fi
  • Easy installation and maintenance system
  • Communication happens through RS485
  • It is protected by IP65 casing
  • Online web monitoring via ZeverCom and ZeverCom Wi-Fi
  • Operating temperature is -25 to 60 degC
  • Noise emission is below 20db

3. Evershine TLC Series:

  • It is a three-phase string inverter, capacity from 4kW to 10kW
  • Max efficiency up to 98.1%
  • It has IP65 protected casing with a graphical LCD display
  • Grid management functions via integrated ComBox, ZeverCom, ZeverCom Wi-Fi or ZeverManager
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • RS485 and Modbus RTU communications
  • Two MPPTs
  • Used for commercial and residential use
  • Integrated optional Ethernet and Wi-Fi communication
  • Max. input voltage 1000 V
  • SUNCLIX connectors for toolless DC wiring
  • Weighs between 21 and 25kW
  • Transformerless

4. Eversol TLC Series:

  • It’s a three-phase powerful inverter used both as a commercial and residential property, ranging from 15kW to 20kW
  • Max efficiency is up to 98.3%, pretty impressive
  • IP65 protected and graphical LCD display
  • Weight is 43kg
  • Noise emission is below 60db
  • Natural fan cooling system to keep the device cool
  • 2 MPPTs
  • Max. input voltage 1000 V
  • RS485 and Modbus RTU communications
  • Grid management functions via integrated ZeverCom, ZeverCom Wi-Fi or ZeverManager
In conclusion, it is clear from the Zeversolar inverter review that Zeversolar, a subsidiary company owned by the SMA has proven that they build their inverter while having the thoughts of the ordinary people’s budget in mind. The recently released inverters are standard in quality and are less faulty. The R&D team’s endeavour and hard work are being paid off and clearly evident on their regularly updated inverters, which have made them look sleek and unique in design and quite competitive in price indeed. For more information, feedback, and query, do comment in the comment section below.
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