GoodWe Inverter Review | Efficiency, Price, Durability and More

Some of the new inverter manufacturers have blown in standalone among the top-notch and no-frills inverter manufacturers and become fabled. GoodWe, aka Jiangsu, is one of those phenomenal ones. GoodWe Power Supply Technology Co. Ltd is famously known for its interest in manufacturing some of the most iconic inverters in this hugely competitive inverter market, building the inverter with a capacity between 0.7kW and 250kW with additional interest for making battery storage for the hybrid inverter. This GoodWe inverter review will expand its vision to the core fundamental values and exceptionality of the GoodWe inverter as a reflection of the modern-based advanced inverters.

GoodWe Inverter Review

Goodwe Inverter Review

GoodWe Inverter Review

Involved in manufacturing both single and three-phased inverters, GoodWe has installed over 16 GW in total in more than 80 countries with a huge success. It was possible due to their extensive involvement in making the commercial rooftops, industrial, and utility-scale systems along with the battery storage system to enhance the long-term advantages of a solar system.
Their offices are currently located in 15 countries, including Australia, the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands, and they have over 1200 employees working in their respected offices to serve the customers worldwide. This tactical business-oriented company was able to deliver about 30,000 inverters per month as of 2018 and peaked the height of reputation by drawing the attention of the Bloomberg, HIS & GTM for ranking it as the World’s Top 10 solar inverter manufacturer.

What are the achievements of GoodWe?

GoodWe has come to the limelight of being one of the best inverters in a relatively short time with more developed and advanced features, luring Wood Mackenzie and Bloomberg to enlist it as one of the top 10 inverters of all time. Furthermore, it is the only non-European manufacturing company that has obtained the official certification from Germany’s TÜV Rheinland for fulfilling the requirements of the prestigious VDE-AR-N 41102018 standard.
According to Wood Mackenzie, a global research consultancy group, GoodWe had had the biggest supply of the hybrid inverter and remained one of the world’s 5 uppermost single-phase string inverter distributors. This company also got in the list of Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2020; the main accomplishment was its occupying the AA rating from the German Photon magazine for its rigorous testing and being put in the 2nd and 5th rankings in the residential and commercial inverters’ lists, respectively.

How is GoodWe inverter perceived in Australia?

Australia’s office is based in Glenroy (Victoria). It is always ready to help the customers regarding any concerns they have from technical issues, a query related to sales & price, warranty, service & support, distribution to other related assistance. Their Australia’s office was founded in 2012, at the time when quite a few pioneering inverter manufacturers popped into Australia’s solar market.
For their outstanding performances, as well as a vast knowledge on their products, they have been awarded the Top Brand PV seal in Australia for the second successive years by the independent market research specialist EUPD research. Their integrated pre-sale, in-sale, and post-sale service have enabled the users to participate in various ranges of workshops, including project consulting, technical training, onsite support, etc.

How the partnership with GE has made GoodWe a solid performer?

The collaboration between Global Electronic Giant (GE) and GoodWe is a significant milestone for this growing inverter provider to get the satiety. It further encourages this brand to compete with the leading European inverter brands in terms of their intricate features, technological development, and improved reliability.
Thus, it is easier for GE to replicate the qualities, as well as modern advancement of the European inverters, to get the worldwide acclaims from the European-obsessed customers. Before GoodWe entered into the partnership with the GE, 32 other solar inverter manufacturers shortlisted for their thorough and detailed assessment to fulfill the selection process’s criteria. Those criteria comprise matters like technical issues to the company’s financial stability, the limit of the global outreach, brand’s reputation, appealing architecture, and brand awareness.

Is GoodWe inverter any good?

Usually, the price of the inverter commensurate with the abundance of the latest features. But in the case of GoodWe inverter, the matter is completely different. In conformity with the set of unique features as GoodWe possesses, the price turns out a lot cheaper. It is somewhat elusive to find an inverter these days, balanced perfectly with its tad price, against its attractive features. You won’t find any lacking in this GoodWe’s inverter, whether it’s a performance, value, battery, or any additional features like Wi-Fi and monitoring systems.
Mostly they are involved with string inverters, and hybrid inverter with the hybrid gives you the option of adding a battery any time in case you need it to store excess energy in winter or any particular day. Their R & D section in China is vast, and it enables the tech-freak to invent many more new inverters every year while keeping in mind the demand of the customers and the intensity of the competition of the inverter market.
Goodwe Inverter Type

How ideal GoodWe is in Australia’s harsh climate?

They are very reliable and seem to do any task without undergoing any gruesome damage. All of their inverters comply with the requirement set by the CEC (Clean Energy Council), and their GW5000D-NS and GW6000D-NS are affordable and compared against its price, which shows that their adaptability is widely praised for their durability and outstanding performance.

Is the efficiency of the GoodWe inverter up to the mark?

In this GoodWe inverter review, we won’t discuss the importance of the efficiency of the panels and inverter’s size, but you probably have known by now that efficiency is the vital part of the whole solar system based on which the amount of electricity will be produced and fed on by the users. If the panel size is too much, and the inverter size is not adequate to put up with the backup, then the entire system will go in vain.
Most of the residential solar inverters vary between 95 to 99%, whereas the GoodWe can generate the maximum efficiency of up to 97%. One of the latest editions added to the GoodWe’s cart is the NS series 1kW, which can produce up to 96.5% max efficiency. Also, the SDT series, equipped with the three-phase Dual-MPPT, a string inverter, which has a maximum efficiency of 98.3%, surpassing some of its competitors. Apart from this GoodWe inverter review, you can also check out some of the Cyanergy’s other inverter review content here to visualise the scenario.

Is GoodWe Inverters Battery ready?

GoodWe inverter is an excellent option if you contemplate installing the battery system either at the time of the installation or soon. From Feed-in-tariff to control the overuse of your grid-connection, this hybrid system, the combination of battery and solar inverter, can help you save the cost, hence increasing your ROI.
This is a multi-mode inverter, which involves a battery installation along with the set-up of the inverters. Not only does the inverter supply the DC power to the battery, but also it provides power to the grid and your home’s appliances in the form AC current. Having equipped with MPPT, it can track the amount of charge your battery requires, and when it’s the right time to draw the charge from the grid for a low price. You can consider adding a GoodWe GW5048D-ES Hybrid Inverter.

How much can GoodWe inverter cost?

Generally, an inverter plays a pivotal part in running your solar system effectively. As a result, inverter hereafter tends to account for 15-20% cost or even more of the system’s entire value. Any problem occurring in the inverter will directly impact the daily consumption of your electric power. Therefore, your whole purpose of having a solar system will not pay off at all. In this very GoodWe inverter review, we won’t highlight the exact or up-to-date price of the GoodWe inverter’s various series but likely to give you an estimate of how much they will cost you.
GoodWe inverters are cheaper in nature and offer a lot compared to its emergence and price. Any decent GoodWe inverter will be around $200 more than a Growatt inverter, but $800 cheaper than the Fronius or SMA inverter. In the light of these figures, any standard inverters’ costs will be around something like these;
series of goodwe inverterapproximate price
xs 3kw inverter$500-$600
dns 5kw inverter$600-$800
ms 10kw inverter$1,250-$1,400

Is DC Oversizing supportable by the GoodWe inverter?

Sometimes, you may have to install quite a few panels on your roof to prevent the shading or increase the efficiency. At that time, it becomes troublesome for expanding the size or number of panels as these extra panels will consume most of the efficiency produced by the inverter. On top of that, not all the time, inverters having efficiency mentioned on it should be taken at face value as they are not what they claim.
On the contrary, this highly-caliber GoodWe inverters can withstand the pressure without compromising the efficiency, even when the solar panels are oversized by 33% as per approval of the Clean Energy Council.

How can you prevent shading using the GoodWe inverter?

You may have heard of cutting the solar cells into halves for accelerating the power output in an inverter. You also acknowledge that power optimizers can also boost the power output while creating a diversion of the DC current’s route from the shaded areas produced in the solar panels. This, in turn, makes the great use of the electricity produced from the inverter by preventing the shading fallen on the panels. Tigo optimizers, in combination with the GoodWe inverters, are of great use these days according to solar gurus.

What kind of warranty does GoodWe inverter offer?

Customers are eligible to get a standard 5 years warranty from the GoodWe Australia; depending on some of the latest inverters, some inverters’ warranty can be extended to 25 years. In that case, the customers first reach out to the installer who was/were accountable for installing it in the first place. However, if the installer or the office is closed/not in touch, you should get in touch with the GoodWe Australia by entering the contact page here and calling them.
This GoodWe inverter review had previously discussed the different ranges of inverters GoodWe produces. For example, the DNS series warranty can be extended to a maximum of 25 years, which is astonishingly phenomenal. To claim this, you can enter the GoodWe Warranty Purchase page to fill up the form to submit it to the proper authority. Both DNS and MS series can come with additional 5 years warranty if you desire so, but to avail it, you must bear in mind that it replaces the ‘parts-only’ between 5th to 10th years, but you have to pay the bills for all the labor costs and taxes/duties.
Any GoodWe inverters above 25kW should have its additional warranty claimed within 6 months of the installation, whereas 2 years for the inverter below 25kW.

How do MPPTs contribute to the maximum efficiency?

Most of the GoodWe inverters are equipped with multiple MPPTs, either one, two, or three. If you have maximum MPPTs, they ensure a better electricity yield with less wastage of the power. The advantage of having two solar input is to connect arrays of both east and west-facing roof (if you have any) into one input, leaving another input free for the future possibility of connecting arrays of the other facing roof into that. No matter what time of the day or how inimical the weather is, the MPPT will track the MPP (Multiple PowerPoints) across the solar panels to prevent the shading’s aftermath, hence better efficiency.

How responsive the GoodWe Australia Customer team is?

The Australian team has been very responsive with a significant priority being put in place to serve the clients and customers in relation to any queries they have, especially for the faulty products. In that case, they seem to replace the whole inverter with a brand-new inverter without taking any hassles in repairing the battered inverters using a shipment method. Moreover, they also don’t take the faulty products themselves, unlike some prominent inverter brands, for further research and study. You can call the GoodWe support centre at 0393240559

How sophisticated GoodWe built-in Wi-Fi option is?

In this GoodWe inverter review, we will show you some of the mesmerizing features of having a Wi-Fi option by putting some of the screenshots of the Smartphone App interface, called EziViewer. With an option of free Wi-Fi, it is unimaginable that this app contains so many interfaces along with so many detailed features.
Goodwe Inverter Monitoring System WiFi chart
1. This image shows the daytime between 7am to 5pm in one of the areas in Perth in May. The app shows you how a 3kW inverter produces the highest power output at 1.30 pm, whereas the lowest production was seen at 12.30 pm due to clouds.
Goodwe Inverter Monitoring System chart
2. The second image shows the same 3kW inverter after the installation on the 3rd of May, where the power production is shown for the few days. This app also gives you options to choose the calendar to see the current production in a particular day and choose from years, months, or days and the export limit.
3. The third image will enable you to judge the inverter’s performance by looking at its history. You have a drop-down option to select whether you want to see the current or voltage history. This app also notifies you about any fault or defect of the inverter every day, week, month by sending you mails or reports.
One of the critical features is that its built-in software allows you to inflate the voltage up to 270V. In the case in the default mode, if the voltage reaches to 262V, then the software will automatically shut the voltage down to let it go to its lowest voltage. Click this link to download the zip file.

Various types of GoodWe inverters

There are various types of residential, commercial and utility-scale inverters GoodWe successfully produces. However, this GoodWe inverter review will explore only four types of inverters.

DNS series:

  • Single-phase inverter with 2 MPPTs
  • Maximum efficiency is 97.8%
  • Available in 3-6kW
  • Communication level is RS485 or Wi-Fi or LAN
  • LCD and LED display
  • 13-13.5kg weight
  • Transformerless
  • Protection degree is IP65
  • Anti-reverse function to control the total amount of exported power to up to zero
  • 5 years warranty but can be extended to 10 & 25 years.
  • Price can range up to $1,200
  • Cooling is done through natural convection
  • Operating temperature range is -25~60 DegC
  • Integrated anti-islanding protection
  • Output THDi <3%
Goodwe Inverter XS Series

GoodWe XS Series:

  • Its size is about the size of an A4 paper, the smallest of all
  • Capacity is between 0.7-3kW and a single-phase inverter
  • It offers 33% DC oversizing
  • Maximum efficiency is between 97.2 and 97.6%
  • It has 1 MPPT
  • Communication options are available as both LAN & Wi-Fi
  • Output THDi < 3%
  • Integrated anti-islanding protected
  • Weight is 5.8kg
  • Cooling is performed through natural convection
  • Operating temperature range is -25~60 DegC
  • IP65 protected
  • 5 years warranty with an option of extension to extra 5 years.

MT series:

  • It’s used in commercial properties with a maximum capacity of 80kW
  • 4 MPPTs with an option of DC oversize up to 50%
  • It’s a three-phase inverter
  • Mainly used in large-scale commercial roofs and farm
  • Maximum efficiency is 98.7 to 98.8%
  • Integrated anti-islanding protection with IP65 protection degree
  • Communication happens through RS485 or Wi-Fi
  • Weighs between 59 and 70kg
  • The optional PLC communication to ensure stable data handling with an option to monitor the large-scale commercial system remotely
Goodwe Inverter MT Series

MS series:

  • A single-phase inverter with 5 to 10kW capacity
  • Maximum efficiency up to 97.2% to 97.6%
  • Integrated anti-islanding protection
  • Operating temperature is -25~60 DegC
  • Weighs 5.8kg
  • IP65 protected
  • LED and LCD interface
  • Communication through LAN or Wi-Fi
  • 3 MPPTs
  • 5kW costs around $1,535 and 10kW with 3 MPPTs can cost around $2,100
  • ARC-fault circuit interrupter ensures security by giving you an alarm when the fault arc is detected and breaks the circuit.
In the end, it can be said that Goodwe, although a new Chinese inverter manufacturer, has made a progressive stride towards the sustainable goal to make this world a better place in terms of securing a reenable energy goal. All of their inverters are top-notch and filled with high techs and robust mechanisms. We tried to cover as many aspects as possible in this GoodWe inverter review. However, if you have any more questions, feel free to comment below.
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