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The whole renewable energy market is thriving now more than ever, especially in the Australian market. As there are multiple financial incentive schemes offered by either federal or local government present, many people feel encouraged to go green, thanks to these incentives. That brings us to dig for more efficient solar energy solutions; as a result, we had crossed paths with Canadian Solar panels once again. It’s a pretty famous name in the industry.
In this article of “Canadian solar panels review”, we are going to cover a lot of things that you need to know about Canadian Solar panels before you make a purchase. Are Canadian Solar panels really worth the hype, or is it just an empty vessel make the most situation? Let’s find out.

Canadian Solar Panels Review

About Canadian Solar

Their journey started back in 2001 when Dr. Shawn Qu, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer founded Canadian Solar (NASDAQ: CSIQ), took an oath to make the world a better place for the upcoming generation by reducing our dependency on non-renewable energy sources, which positively contributes towards global warming.
Dr. Qu, a visionary with a dream to make the most out of his solar energy knowledge, started Canadian Solar with a small goal to achieve, which was to put food on the table and work on renewables. Afterward, he won a contract with Volkswagen about a solar device design campaign, which really was a turning point for the company and Dr. Qu’s journey.
They operate in more than 150 countries in which they have delivered over 52 GW (gigawatt) of solar modules. That’s really impressive. Not only that, they are heavily invested in R&D to find out more efficient and cost-effective ways to introduce their potential customers with better solar systems in the near future. They provide utility, commercial, and residential services around the globe.

Manufacturing Locations

Most of the solar panels’ production work are done in China, because in there, the company can turnover high production value at the lowest cost possible.
Not only in China and Canada, but a huge bulk of manufacturing is also done in Indonesia, Brazil, and Vietnam as well. However, they have 17 different manufacturing facilities spread throughout America and Asia. Most of their manufacturing operations are done in Ontario, Canada, and China.

Does Canadian Solar Have Any Offices In Australia?

Yes, thankfully, they do have an office in Australia. They have facilities in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth already. This way, if you choose to install solar panels from them, and for any sordid reason, if you run into any problems, you know you can reach out to them quickly.
The address of their Australian office is 44 Stephenson Street, Cremorne VIC 3121, Australia. Tel: +61 3 8609 1844, E-mail:

Available Models Of Canadian Solar’s Panels In Australia

There are quite a few models that are available in the Australian solar market. Among which, I am going to talk about some series below, who made a great name for themselves. Also, a lot of these models, which are conveniently listed on the Australian website of Canadian Solar, are approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC). It is a great news for prospective Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) users because unless the CEC approves their solar modules, they will not be eligible for the scheme.

Canadian Solar HiKu Series

  • Available in both monocrystalline and polycrystalline
  • Can operate at a maximum efficiency of 20%
  • Incorporated with split-cell technology
  • 25 years of linear power output warranty provided
  • Available in 144 / 132 / 120 dual cell
  • Power range is between 330 to 450W
  • 12 years of product warranty
  • Good for both residential and commercial purposes

Canadian Solar All-Black Series

  • Suitable for residential setting
  • Performs significantly well in hot weather, despite being all black
  • Power range is between 310 to 335W
  • Maximum efficiency up to 20.2%
  • Can handle shading related issues better than other
  • 12/15 years of product warranty on parts and service
  • 25 years of linear power output warranty
  • 35 mm anodized aluminum alloy made frames
  • High efficiency 120 mono PERC cells

Canadian Solar Ku Series

  • Made for residential purpose
  • 144 / 120 dual cell
  • Excellent shading tolerance
  • PERC technology
  • It is a polycrystalline model
  • Efficiency ranges between 17.8% to 19.3%
  • Power range is between 295 to 395W
  • Distributes heat effectively
  • 25/30 years of linear power output warranty
  • 12 years of product warranty on workmanship and material

Canadian Solar HiDM Series

  • Maximized light absorption area
  • Power range is between 320 to 420W
  • Efficiency is up to 20.4%
  • 35 mm anodized aluminum alloy made frames
  • 15 years of product warranty
  • 25 years of linear power output warranty
  • High density MONO PERC module
  • Suitable for residential purposes

Solar Cell Technology That Canadian Solar Is Using

Most of the solar cells manufactured by them are PID-free and are incorporated with PERC cell technology, just like other well-renowned brands. Meanwhile, the renewable energy industry found a much more efficient solar panel model that uses split cell technology. When other manufacturers started to catch on to the new split cell technology, Canadian Solar followed their lead and branched into split cell modules as well.
This new module helped them to produce a more productive, functional, and a cost-efficient solar cell that potentially outdid their previously produced standard models. All of these benefits without drastically increasing the price point, so you can pretty much guess how incredible this new technology is. They also manufacture a double glass model known to increase the efficiency of solar panels significantly.

Difference Between Various Models Of Canadian Solar Panels

HiKuKuHiDMAll Black
Power (W)320-460430-450400-420320-340
Efficiency (%)19.520.420.420.2
Size (Inch)83×41.3×1.685.4×39.2×1.3866.9×39.1×1.3865.0×39.1×1.38
Weight (LBS)54.952.242.340.1
FeaturesHigh Output Poly ModuleBifacial Modules Add 30% PowerHigh Density Mono ModuleBetter Shading Tolerance & Minimizes Micro-Crack Impacts
Operational Temperature Range-40°C To 85°C-40°C To 85°C-37°C To 85°C-37°C To 85°C
Annual Power DegradationNo More Than 0.55%No More Than 0.55%No More Than 0.45%No More Than 0.45%
Product Warranty12 Years12 Years12 Years12 Years
Performance Warranty25 Years25 Years25 Years25 Years

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Canadian Solar Panels

Canadian Solar panels offer an array of choices for solar systems. Among which exists, average-performing to extremely well-performing solar panels. However, it truly depends on the user and what they are looking for in a solar panel; that is what determines if a solar panel is worth or not.
There are good and bad in everything; Canadian Solar is not an exception. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the brand;


  • Canadian Solar Panels has an extremely good balance of price and performance
  • Canadian Solar Panels offer a generous period of warranty on each and every solar panel
  • Canadian Solar panels are not as expensive as other brands in the market
  • They offer an average efficiency rating of 15.88% to 19.91%
  • Customer support all around the globe, including Australia
  • Most residential models offer dual cell PERC technology
  • Split-cell technology is also a part of the module for most models
  • Performance is as good as tier-1 panels yet costs as much as tier-2 panels


  • Efficiency drops by almost 0.55% each year
  • Higher temperature co-efficient. Meaning, if the temperature rises above 25 degree Celsius / 77-degree Fahrenheit, the efficiency of the panels will decrease by its temperature coefficient. Most models of Canadian solar have a high temperature coefficient.

Are Canadian Solar Panels Any Good?

Canadian Solar, might not have the most efficient solar panels in the market yet; they remain on top of many homeowners’ list because of their competitive price point. An essential part of the decision-making process while purchasing a solar system is the price for many customers, and Canadian Solar is one of the most affordable brands out there.
However, just because they kept their price range affordable for everyone doesn’t mean they don’t offer quality products. It’s the sweet balance of quality and pricing that has made Canadian Solar, the billion-dollar company they are today. So, in simple words, they are not just good but an excellent choice if you are in the market for spectacular solar panels in a budget-friendly price range.


Canadian Solar is dedicated to its customers. They have multiple customer support service centers around the globe, including North America, China, Australia, and so on. They offer a minimum of 12 years or product warranty, just like any other standard solar panel manufacturers. Also, they offer 25 years of performance warranty on their solar modules. All their bifacial panels offer 30 years of warranty.
Recently, they have improved the performance warranty terms for the monocrystalline panels, which feature mono PERC half-cut cell technology. It states that, the performance of such panels will not deteriorate more than 2% in the first year and an annual performance drop of 0.55% is estimated for the remaining 24-year period of warranty.
Nevertheless, warranty periods are very model-specific. So, our suggestion would be to know the warranty terms for a specified model of choice. If you need any assistance in that matter, please contact Cyanergy.


In conclusion, solar energy is an uninterrupted source of renewable energy which mankind is trying to possess in its entirety for quite a long time. Presently, we have marvelous technologies that allowed us to use renewable energy sources and incorporate them into our daily lives.
Canadian Solar is just another name in that journey, a very well-renowned one. With their amazing technology and thrive for new inventions, they have created many highly efficient solar modules that people all over the globe have accepted and highly appreciated.


Is Canadian Solar A Chinese Company?

Answer: Canadian Solars’ headquarter is in Ontario, Canada but a large amount of their products are manufactured in china. Also, the company said it is “fully committed to its shareholders and NASDAQ listing.”

What’s The Typical Lifetime Of Solar Panels?

Answer: typically, a solar panel can last about 25 to 30 years. However the closer you get to that mark the rapid the performance drop is.

Are Solar Panels Worth The Cost For Homes?

Answer: It can depend on the living situation, geographical location, and some other factors. If you live in an area that gets an adequate amount of sunlight for the majority of the time, it can be worth the cost. We can also introduce you to an expert if you are interested.

Which Is Better, A Poly Or A Mono Solar Panel?

Answer: Monocrystalline panels are made out of a single ingot of silicone whereases; the polycrystalline panels are made of silicon that came from multiple sources. This difference makes the monocrystalline solar panels more efficient and superior to polycrystalline ones. But if you want to save some bucks I would suggest you go for the polycrystalline.



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