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Sunlight is a form of energy that exists in abundance throughout the entire planet earth. As long as we humans are alive, scientifically speaking, this source of energy isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Even so, we have these incredible renewable energy sources, such as coal, gas etc. which most people are solely reliant on.
So, why is that? Mostly because the renewable energy sources we previously had were not efficient enough. To change that game forever, many establishments worked and researched for ages and finally invented highly efficient solar panels, which can reduce your electricity bill to almost nothing.
LONGi is one of those market leaders who have positively contributed to that goal. In this article of “LONGi Solar Panels Review”, I am going to walk you through all the essentials that you need to know about this particular brand and give you a complete LONGi solar panel review.

LONGi Solar Panels Review

About LONGi Solar Panels

Previously known as ‘Xi’an LONGi Silicon Materials Corporation,’ or as we know today as ‘LONGi Green Energy Technology, is a brand that started its journey back on February 14th, 2000. ‘LONGi Solar’ is a subsidiary of that brand that solely produces mono silicon or popularly known as monocrystalline solar panels.
Their headquarter is in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, but they are a global brand. They operate in Australia, USA, Japan, South Korea, France, and in some other countries as well. LONGi has manufacturing plants in China, alongside India, which can produce 500 megawatts of solar panels per annum. So, you can pretty much guess how vastly spread the brand really is.
Although there is a social stigma present about the Chinese brands, LONGi will crush that stigma in a heartbeat. This global brand is the world’s largest silicon single ingot manufacturer. They supply more than 30GW of high-efficiency solar wafers and modules worldwide, which denotes a quarter of the global market demand. This fact alone makes LONGi, the most valuable and recognized solar technology company, on the entire planet.
They don’t speak not only through sheer quantity, but also through their quality product line. Their panels repeatedly broke multiple records of highest efficiency, achieved by any solar panels, P-type PERC cells to be more specific.

Type Of Cells And Modules Of LONGi Solar Panels

One of the modules that LONGi has to offer is a unique PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact) cell technology that enhances the solar cells’ performance and efficiency rate. This particular cell technology allows the cell to produce 6% to 12% more energy than a traditional model. PERC cells tend to have an extra layer at the back; thus, the cells can absorb more sunlight that gets reflected, hence produce more energy as a whole.
Another advantage this PERC cell technology offers is that they are just a modification of the traditional models that means manufacturers don’t need to yield any extra material to produce high-efficiency solar cells. This eventually works in favor for the end-users as the prices don’t spike up easily.
Another module that LONGi manufactures is the Bifacial module. This particular module has its Al back surface field replaced by the Al grid. By doing so, a large portion of the rear side of the panel remains transparent. This eventually lets the panel to absorb more sunlight and have about 70% to 80% more bifaciality. In simpler terms, whereas other modules produce energy only from one side, bifacial models being two-faced, as suggested by the name, produce energy from both front and rear.
Apart from the two modules mentioned above, half-cut cells are also produced by LONGi. This is not exactly a module; it is a type of cell. Half-cut cell means the cells are cut into half so their work also gets divided in half. This way, the cells work more efficiently, and this type of cell works towards temperature reduction as the string current of half-cell modules is half of the full-cell modules.
Overall, if you choose the half-cut cell type, you can gain an extra 2% power, which is great. If you pair up half-cut cells with a bifacial module, you can amplify your yield by a lot.

Available Models Of LONGi Solar Panels In The Australian Market

Here Are Some Of The Available Solar Panel Models Of LONGi In The Australian Market.

LONGi LR4-72HPH (420W – 455W) Mono

  • Can operate at a maximum efficiency rate of 21.2%
  • First year power degradation is less than 2%
  • Starting from the second year till the 25th year power degradation rate is 0.55%
  • Incorporates the half-cut cell technology that eventually helps lower operating temperature
  • 2mm coated tempered glass
  • Suitable for residential usage
  • Offers 12 years of material and processing warranty
  • 25 years of warranty for extra linear power output
  • Weighs about 23.3kg
  • Dimension is 2094×1038×35mm

LONGi LR4-72HBD (415W – 455W) Bifacial

  • Maximum panel efficiency 20.9%
  • First year power degradation is less than 2%
  • Starting from the second year till the 25th year power degradation rate is 0.45%
  • Material and processing warranty is worth 12 years
  • 30-year warranty of extra linear power output
  • Half-cell technology incorporated to increase efficiency by lowering operating temperature
  • Bifaciality is 70 ± 5%
  • 2mm coated dual glass that is tempered
  • It weighs about 27.5 kg

LONGi LR4-60HPH (350W – 380W) Mono

  • Maximum panel efficiency is 20.9%
  • First year power degradation is less than 2%
  • Starting from the second year till the 25th year power degradation rate is 0.55%
  • Half-cell technology that lowers the panels operating temperature
  • 2mm coated tempered single glass
  • 25 years of warranty for extra linear power output
  • Offers 12 years of material and processing warranty
  • Weighs about 19.5kg

LONGi LR4-60HPB (340W – 365W) Mono, All Black

  • Maximum efficiency of the panel is 19.2%
  • Mono PERC cell technology incorporated
  • Power degradation by 1st year is less than 2%
  • 55% power degeneration each year starting from the second
  • Operates at a lower temperature, half-cut cell
  • Anodized Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • It weighs about 19.55 kg
  • Material warranty of 10 years
  • 25 Year Extra Linear Power Output Warranty

Difference Between LONGi Solar Panels

LONGi LR4-72HPH (420W – 455W) MonoLONGi LR4-72HBD (415W – 455W) BifacialLONGi LR4-60HPH (350W – 380W) MonoLONGi LR4-60HPB (340W – 365W) Mono, All Black
Power (W)420W – 455W415W – 455W350W – 380W340W – 365W
Efficiency (%)0.2120.2090.2090.192
Size (Mm)2094 × 1038 × 35mm2094 X 1038 X 35mm1755 X 1038 X 35 Mm1754 X 1039 X 35mm
FeaturesIncorporates The Half-Cut Cell Technology With 3.2mm Coated Tempered Glass That Eventually Helps Lower Operating TemperatureHalf-Cell Technology With 2mm Coated Dual Glass Incorporated To Increase Efficiency By Lowering Operating Temperature & IP68 RatedHalf-Cell Technology With 3.2mm Coated Tempered Single Glass That Lowers The Panels Operating TemperatureIncorporated Half-Cut Mono PERC Cell Technology With Anodized Aluminum Alloy Frame
Operational Temperature Range-40°C – 85°C-40°C – 85°C-40°C – 85°C-40°C – 85°C
Annual Power DegradationNo More Than 0.55%No More Than 0.45%No More Than 0.55%No More Than 0.55%
Product Warranty12 Years12 Years12 Years10 Years
Performance Warranty25 Years30 Years25 Years25 Years

Pros & Cons Of LONGi Solar Panels

LONGi solar panels are currently very demandable. As there are many solar rebates and financial incentives offers in the renewable energy sector, especially solar energy, going on, many Australian homeowners are installing PV solar systems on their rooftops. Among them, many homeowners chose LONGi for its affordable price point, as well as its amazing performance.
As much as their panels are very well-performing, there are some flaws to it as well. Before you make the decision of purchasing one, take a look at its pros and cons.


  • LONGi solar panel is one of the 6 largest manufacturers of high performing solar panels
  • All of the panels are monocrystalline, which automatically makes them a superior choice
  • Good for residential usage
  • Customer support all around the globe, including Australia
  • You can choose between PERC cell and bifacial cell, which are amazing at retaining reflected sunlight; it is an invention of the future
  • All of their products have a generous warranty period
  • None of the solar panels have less than 19.2% maximum panel efficiency rate
  • Bloomberg tier-1 ranking
  • PV Evolution Labs Top Performer
  • All of their panels are exceptionally well priced and affordable


  • 55% degeneration rate per annum starting from the second year of purchase

Where Are LONGi Solar Panels Manufactured?

A majority of the manufacturing is done in China and then shipped globally. But LONGi also has a manufacturing plant in India, Vietnam, and Malaysia. This is understandable because labor in these countries is pretty cheap. And this is a huge factor why LONGi solar panels are very affordable. This doesn’t mean they compromise their quality. By analyzing their history, customer reviews, and overall dedication towards their craft, it is apparent they are rigid on their goal, which is to provide quality green energy solutions to the mass.
They have offices in many major countries like Australia, Japan, USA, South Korea, and so on. In Australia their office is located in Sydney.

Power Degradation Of LONGi Solar Panels

With most of their solar panel models, power degeneration for the first year is less than 2%. LONGi solar panels are meant to provide you quality products at a humble price point, and while achieving that goal, a power degeneration of 2% is nothing.
From the second year up until their lifetime, the solar panels will lose a maximum of 0.55% power. There are models which have a power degeneration rate of 0.45% per annum.

Product Warranty

LONGi solar panels have a prolonged warranty period. All of their panels come with a minimum 10-year material warranty and 25 years of linear power output. As there is an office in Australia, you can reach out to them easily in case of any malfunction. If you want to know more about warranty and prices, please contact Cyanergy.

Are LONGi Panels Any Good?

LONGi solar panels are tier-1 panels. On top of that, they do not offer any polycrystalline module. All of their modules are monocrystalline, which means they are made of a single silicon ingot which skyrockets a solar panel’s efficiency by a lot. This is an A-lister solar panel, and LONGi has gained a lot of love and trust over the past 20 or so years that it is doing business. They have also received many awards, and they have been recognized globally for their top-notch performance and innovativeness.
All of these achievements and over-the-top qualities speak for themselves. To add a cherry on top, LONGi solar panels are extremely well priced. Surely you will not break your bank if you go with LONGi. So obviously, this is just not a good option but an excellent one.


In conclusion, for every step that we take forward every day, our mother nature has to take a step back. We are the reason why the planet is dying slowly but surely. I don’t know if we can reverse any of the damages that we have already done, but at least by adopting green energy, we can stop contributing to the genocide. Green energy sources do not only let the earth heal but also provides us a lot of monetary benefits, which is always a plus. If you choose to switch to a renewable energy source, LONGi solar panel deserves a place at the top of your priority list.
In this LONGi solar panel review, I have tried to cover every aspect of them, and hopefully, this can be proven beneficial to you. If you want any further assistance, please contact Cyanergy; we are more than happy to help you.


What’s The Typical Lifetime Of Solar Panels?

Answer: The industry standard for the lifespan of a solar panel is 25 to 30 years. LONGi solar panels give you a warranty for almost as long as they last. The energy production rate decreases gradually. However, some panels last more or even less than this.

Which Is Better, A Poly Or A Mono Solar Panel?

Answer: Without a doubt, mono solar panels are far superior to poly solar panels. As mono solar panels are made out of a single silicon ingot, they tend to produce more energy; also, they are very efficient. However, polycrystalline panels are made out of fragments of silicon that come from separate ingots and reduces their efficiency.



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