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Solis inverter is one of the very few inverters that entered the Australian solar market in its first phase when the solar system’s demand was on the peak. The name “Solis” was come by the Latin word “sol solis” which refers to a “SUN.” The Solis inverter has made its existence amid many other prominent inverters with its experienced and skilled engineers. This Solis inverter review will illustrate its long journey of 20 years in the field of research and development in the technical category, which has achieved the success of being one of the best solar systems available in Australia.
Solis Inverter Review

The History Of Solis

Solis is a subsidiary company of the great “Ginlong” company, a Chinese manufacturer and dealer of a small wind turbine, inverters like off-grid & grid-connected inverters, smart controllers, permanent magnet generators, and technical parts of wind turbines. However, their entry in the photovoltaic industry, particularly in the cutting-edge inverter production with immense reliability and top-notch quality, is undoubtedly commendable. Thanks to Solis for carrying out these inverters’ assembly through in-house processing for increasing the durability and its global compliance. Its 20 years’ devotion in the R & D facilities has enabled it to manufacture, engineer, and build some of the finest and unique types of inverters, such as single-phase, three-phase, central, and battery type inverters. Furthermore, the monitoring system built exclusively by the Solis brand is easy to track and deals sophisticatedly with your current solar PV system. You can access your monitoring system with the help of GPRS or Wi-Fi and any gadget like computers or mobile phones.

Solis inverter review

Solis inverter’s fame in Australian Market Ginlong’s main headquarter is located in China, but the company has expanded worldwide, especially Europe (Sweden, Germany, UK), Costa Rica, the USA, and Australia. Based in Cheltenham, Victoria, in Australia, the company’s physical presence manages to serve the best customer support effectively at a fast rate to all its potential clients.
Alongside many other competitive solar retailers in Australia like Fronius, Sungrow, or Huawei, the Solis inverter is getting overwhelmingly formidable day by day with its 20 years’ hard strive and phenomenal manufacturing quality. An enormous efficiency of up to 98% with an affordable price range has made this inverter turn out as one of the most economical and suitable inverters for both residential and commercial properties in Australia.
Solis is so skeptical about its quality-based products, as well as smooth distribution, via trustworthy retailers that it doesn’t trade or barter with any other third-party retailers or wholesalers. In fact, Solis company does its trading by using only one of the top 3 retailers in Australia with a handful number of specialist solar wholesalers, such as PGK Distribution, OZ Roll, and Si Clean Energy. The reason this company has fewer patrons or distributors because Solis prioritizes more on their quality and less on money-making.

Uniqueness of Solis aka Ginlong inverters

  • Solis inverter can produce a power between 1kW to 60kW.
  • These inverters are designed on the basis of AS/NZ 4777 standards.
  • Based on a wider range of models, these inverters are capable of producing an efficiency level from 97.5% to 98.3%, which is brilliant.
  • User-friendly monitoring app with a slew of interfaces.
  • IP65 rated for withstanding any harsh environment.
  • RS 485, Wi-Fi/GPRS interface for an easy access to a monitoring app.
  • Provides first-class endurance against any fluctuated range of voltage with low failure rate.
  • High switching frequency.
  • AS 4777.2:2015 Complaint.
  • Lightweight & compact design allows easy installation.
  • Dual MPPT with unique algorithm with an efficiency rate over 99.5%.
  • 24/7 after sale customer support, including technical help from the technicians from the local Australian office.


It is almost unimaginable to think of how many awards the Solis inverter has achieved unless you read it from this Solis inverter review. EuPd, a European organization committed to establishing the environmental-friendly businesses to replace any other carbon-based energy, has awarded Solis inverter a EuPD Research Top Brand PV Inverter Brand Award consistently for more than four years since 2016.
Also, Solis inverter’s parent company Ginlong has received 2016’s China PV Industry’s Most Innovative Enterprises Awards in various categories for their advanced and robust inverters. Their inverters and controllers are so reliable and validated that they had been installed at France’s Eiffel Tower.
Moreover, Ginlong Solis (25-50) K-5G inverter has been awarded the “All Quality Matters” award at “All Quality Matters” Solar Congress Award Ceremony for its outstanding performance, as well as its top-notch quality. This award is held to ascertain those factors and indicators that could hinder any inverter’s quality and performance. Factors, such as high input capability, top EU efficiency, superb power quality, strong output capability, and rigorous thermal stability, had been accountable for its sublime performance.

Distinctive features stated in this Solis Inverter Review

Previously, this review showed a slew of extraordinary features of Solis inverter. However, this review will explore only a few of the remarkable features.
Rigorous testing: The Solis inverters are subjective to thorough checking and testing in an atmospherically controlled room using the latest technology and automation service where deemed necessary. As soon the inverters are ready for the packaging, they go through a series of operational testing to bring out the faulty inverters. Also, any products deemed suspicious or defective are retested again in the production line.
Having undergone a strict manufacturing process & DNG VL’s third-party quality testing, these groups of inverters are indeed quintessential tier 1 products with premium quality performance.
Cheap, Strong Auditing, and Uncompromised Quality: One of the initial doubts of the customers was its fair and reasonable price, which is elusive these days. However, according to the CEO of Ginlong Solis inverter, the lower price won’t impinge on the overall performance, quality, technological features, and the longevity of these inverters.
In fact, Solis company supplies its products only through the authentic and top-class retailers in each of their tradable territories across the globe. The intervention and audit led by the third-party monitoring team lead them to make continuous improvements on their product’s design and features over their predecessors.
Performance: Whether it’s a single-phase inverter or three-phase inverter, they are all subjective to testing for thermal cycling, moisture, humidity, freezing temperature, and heat testing below 40 degrees Celsius under full load. Therefore, the quality is consistent throughout the production line for both types of inverters.
Solis 4G inverter is one of the top-class inverter ranges of its kind with huge potential and perfect service embedded in it. And, they have remained possible for their exceptional and unbeatable performance. The single-phase inverter has a power range from 2.5-5kW, maximum efficiency of up to 45 degrees Celsius, Wi-Fi connectivity, and dual tracking technology.
Solis Inverter Review Chart
In contrast, the three-phase inverter has 5-10kW power, efficiency up to 45 degrees Celsius, Wi-Fi technology, and dual-tracking system. You can also check out the following graphs in this Solis inverter review that shows each of the criteria for which these inverters are best to rely on.
Smart Design and easy Installation: Not only do the lightweight and compact portability make this inverter easy to install but also the versatile corrosion-resistant NEMA 4X enclosure has added extra protection that serves both as a resistant to any environmental damages, including humidity, rain, snow, inclement weather, and a visually stunning device that is free of any grimy and egregious appearance.
Storage: Using hybrid solar and battery inverter is always a cumbersome experience, but Solis RHI Hybrid 5G series inverters are blessed with two of the most exciting features. One is UPS’s presence, which gives you a backup of power when there is an outage or seal-off of connection, and another one is the availability of the expanded batteries that help you abate the sufferings caused by the lower voltage battery compatibility.
Indeed, this super backup system won’t give you reliefs for all kinds of inverters, but undoubtedly, they seem to work fine with most of the single-phase inverters.
Wi-Fi Sticks and Web Box: As discussed aforementioned about the Solis inverter’s monitoring system in this review of Solis inverter, it offers a wide range of devices to make your experience of using the monitoring system straightforward and convenient, such as Wi-Fi Sticks, Web Boxes, and Rapid Shutdown Device.
Wi-Fi stick enables you to connect to the internet to grant you easy access to your device’s monitoring system so that you can see any updates or status of your inverter. These sticks are compatible with any Solis inverter. Therefore, no hassle of encountering any complicated and confusing spreadsheets.
If you have multiple inverters requiring an internet connection, you can buy an external data logger box, also known as the Web Box. It does the same function as the Wi-Fi Stick but connects the multiple inverters through RS485/422.
The rapid shutdown device, together with integrated arc fault protection, is capable of protecting your inverter by switching off your device in the case of voltage overload or accident.
Solis Wifi Box
After-Sale Support: It is incredibly imperative to provide a timely response to any query or after purchase support once the solar system is purchased from any reputed retailers. Many retailers are only confined to providing a high-quality solar system or quote before the sales are made, but they barely respond to you once bought. Solis Australasia Pty Ltd, a subsidiary retailer of Ginlong, unlike those retailers, makes every effort to give you support whenever you need them, whether it’s a solution to any technical problem or anything to do with the warranty.
Therefore, they have earned their trust and loyalty from their respective customers, which is evident when entering their website. They are responsive from email, phone to direct contact if needed.
Warranty: Warranty is one of the prime issues that either increases the value of any solar products or decrease it to a greater extent. Although Solis inverter officially comes with 5 years warranty, it can be extended to either 8 or 10 years depending on your solar system and demand. However, since the warranty is a factor that is always subjective to change or update, therefore, the request to you is to check the website or contact them to know consolidated information rather than relying on this Solis inverter review.
Suppose you have bought an inverter from Solis and are experiencing any warranty-related issue. In that case, your first line of contact should be the installer who installed the system in your property because they are the first line of responders that do the replacement or repair of the inverter or any solar products. However, if you are unable to contact or get hold of them for any unforeseen reason, you must access to Solis website to fill the Service Request Form.

Examples of Three Unique Solis Inverters

There are varieties of Solis solar inverters, and each of them has their own distinctive identities and features. In this Solis inverter review, three recent and most unique inverters will be presented as follows;


  • Maximum efficiency reaches up to 97.8% with MPP efficiency is topped to 99.5%.
  • Dual MPPT design with accurate MPPT algorithm settings.
  • RS 485, Wi-Fi/GPRS (Optional interface).
  • Ultra-low harmonic with THDi rate>1.5%.
  • Wi-Fi and monitoring app to monitor the spreadsheet of the regular activities of the inverters.
  • Integrated function of power control system with DRM function.
  • It’s a single-phase inverter with multi working mode, compatible with advanced AS4777.2:2015 standard.
  • IP65 with corrosion resistant NEMA 4X enclosure for extra protection and sleek exterior.
Solis Inverter 3P20K-4G
  • A perfect 4G three-phase inverter with 98.7% efficiency.
  • Dual MPPT functionality with precise MPPT algorithm with a voltage range between 160V-850V.
  • THDi<1.5% with low harmonic distortion against grid.
  • RS 485, Wi-Fi/LAN.GPRS (Optional interface).
  • Wi-Fi and monitoring app for both iPhone and Android smartphones to monitor the spreadsheet of the regular activities of the inverters.
  • Official warranty of 5 years with extendable up to 20 years.
  • It’s an advanced prototypic Hybrid PV inverter with efficiency up to 97.5%.
  • Dual MPPT in 3K, 3.6K, and 5K versions
  • Of-grid function with UPS compatibility and export control system.
  • Integrated BMS system to monitor and control everything from one place.
  • CAN, RS485, Wi-Fi/GPRS (Optional).
  • Integrated EMS function.
  • Smart batter SOC detecting function, which is compatible with any types of 48V batteries.
This Solis inverter review concludes that the solar industry is advancing rapidly within its competitive market. The solar inverter is one of the critical and dynamic types of equipment of the system that updates just the blink of an eye. Choosing the right inverter will ensure your overall return-on-investment. Therefore, you must carefully choose the right inverter for your property, either commercial or residential.
Solis solar inverter does meet the standard of the perfect inverter for your residential and commercial properties. Should you require any information regarding it, feel free to ask or comment below.
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