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Payback period


37 Months



System size





752 MWh





Uniplas Mouldings International

Over the past three years, Matthew of Cyanergy has collaborated closely with Uniplas on a range of energy-saving products. As part of their partnership, Matt diligently assessed their power costs annually and conducted comprehensive feasibility studies for their facility.
In light of the significant increase in energy expenses over the past two years, they identified a remarkable opportunity for a large-scale solar installation. What makes this opportunity even more enticing is the remarkable reduction in the payback period. Initially estimated at 6-7 years, the payback period has been dramatically shortened to just 3 years, thanks to the favourable trends in energy costs.
To further maximize the benefits, the installation has been strategically divided into multiple stages. This innovative approach has enabled Uniplas to access three distinct sets of subsidies, resulting in a substantial upfront cost reduction of over $190,000.00. Moreover, the efficiency and speed at which the project progressed are truly noteworthy. From the initial consultation to the completion of stage 1, which entailed installing 200kW of solar power, a mere four weeks had elapsed, to the final stage, where a combined total of 490kW was installed to complete the project. 
This impressive turnaround time showcases the commitment and expertise of Cyanergy’s team in swiftly implementing sustainable energy solutions. 
Matt’s collaboration with Uniplas exemplifies the power of Cyanergy and proactive engagement in driving tangible outcomes. Our shared focus on energy efficiency has not only brought financial advantages to Uniplas but also fostered a greener and more sustainable future.

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