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Wyndham Community Schools

Werribee, VIC




Payback period


49 Months

System size


54.25 kW




school solar project

Wyndham Community Schools

The Challenge
Most schools are in control of their own budgets with energy costs forming a significant part of the annual budget.
Careful decisions need to be made to ensure that the school’s funds are spent wisely maximizing the provision to the children and creating the best possible learning environment.

The Solution
Cyanergy worked alongside the community group to install around 90kW of solar panels on 3 schools across Wyndham.

The solar System installed by Cyanergy will give the schools an increased level of energy independence and a guaranteed fixed low-cost rate of electricity for all of the energy generated by the solar panels for the next 20 years.

Social Responsibility
At Cyanergy we are passionate about renewable energy and we believe that the next generation should be aware and educated about the environmental and financial benefits of renewables.
Giving back

Educating for the future
After the installation of these solar panels in Wyndham and the schools carrying out morning assemblies and teach the children about the benefits of the solar panels that they had just had installed.

Learning from data
Cynergy installed a full detailed monitoring system for the schools and the children can look at the data and carry out classroom projects to see just how much benefit the solar panels are making to their school.

commercial solar installer

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Wyndham Community Schools

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